Cleanser "Comet": composition, characteristics and reviews

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Probably many women were interested in the question,the better to clean the bathroom or toilet. Many choose a cleaning product "Comet". This powder has a high efficiency. He copes with any dirt, grease spots and has antibacterial properties.

Cleanser "Comet": characteristic

This household cleaner is manufactured in Russia andis sold under the trade name Comet. The product is produced both in powder and in the form of a gel. There is even a spray "Comet". In this case, all three goods are equally effective. A cleaning agent "Comet" is a universal substance. It is suitable not only for washing the bathroom and toilet, like many other cleaners. "Comet" can also be used for cleaning the kitchen, for example for cleaning the cooker. In addition, he will easily cope with washing kitchen furniture and tiles. Also it can be used for cleaning wash basins and sinks. After all, after washing dishes and washing, very often there are greasy spots on them. Cleaner "Comet" can easily remove them. It is also worth mentioning that he not only deeply cleanses items, but also disinfects and bleaches them. So after using the "Comet" you can not be afraid of bacteria.

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"Comet" (cleaning agent): composition

This cleaner contains a large amountchlorinol. It is thanks to this substance that the cleaning agent "Comet" can not only cope with dirt and grease located on the surface, but also penetrates inside and removes all the germs stuck in the surface. Chlorinol is mainly used in residential areas. Instead of silicate sand, "Comet" contains chalk, so it can provide a gentle effect on the surface, soft penetration and cleansing of all pollutants. Comet also includes fragrances and disinfectants, such as formic and phosphoric acid, which help kill up to 99.99% of microbes.

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What effect does Comet have?

It is able to remove any dirt on different typessurfaces. That is why "Comet" (a cleaning agent) is so popular. Description of its capabilities and features of the action may be of interest to housewives who are not familiar with it.

  • One of the most advancedThe ability of the "Comet" is the removal of any greasy stain, even if it is very large, old and penetrated deep into the surface. The cleaning agent "Comet" is embedded in it and corrodes from the inside.
  • The composition of the cleaner includes many differentDetergent components, which helps it cope with soft carbon. Detergent particles penetrate into the structure of the contaminant and form a foam that easily removes the dirty plaque.
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  • In the fight against stiff nagar this cleaneralso wins, but not immediately. It takes time for the detergent particles to completely dissolve the dense structure of the contamination. If the area with a hard deposit is too large, then the "Comet" will be difficult in a small amount to affect such territory. It will need to be rubbed there several times every 20-30 minutes.
  • With calcareous coating and rust, the cleaning agent "Comet" can handle quite easily. 100% effect in this case is provided. Hardness salts and rust will be completely removed.
  • It is very important when using cleaning agents,so that the surface that is cleaned is unscathed. The tool "Comet" completely lacks abrasive particles, which could scratch the enamel or tile.
  • Like any other cleanser, this onethe cleaner has a negative effect on the skin. Although in the "Comet" the presence of caustic ingredients is insignificant, it is still better to use it in gloves.
  • One of the most important advantages of the "Comet" is the maintenance of cleanliness for a whole week, which only a few detergents can do.

Method of use

Some landladies do not know how to properly use the described drug. Features of the application depend on the type of cleaning agent.

  • If you use a spray, you must first spray the surface to be cleaned, and then grind it all with the soft side of the sponge. She needs to moisten a little before that.
  • If powder is used, it should be poured directly onto a damp sponge, and then rub the area to be cleaned.
  • The gel can be used in many ways. It is applied either directly to the surface or to a sponge.

For greater effect and disinfection, you can not immediatelywash the "Comet". The agent should be left on the surface for no longer than 10 minutes. For disinfection, they will have to wipe the surface again, and then wash it off.

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Many people are wondering where "Comet" is made (cleaningmeans). The manufacturer of it is in Russia. It is a branch of a large company called Procter & Gamble. Its representation since 1991 is located in Moscow. But almost immediately after that, the company also has partners in St. Petersburg, which are also starting to sell products with a well-known name. This company for a very long time was engaged in the production of shampoos and diapers, after which in 1999 a new product entered the market - an effective "Comet" in the form of a powder. After that, it was perfected and presented in other forms: gel and spray. Now "Comet" is one of the best cleansers.

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Reviews about the tool

Most housewives who tried Comet, moreDo not buy other drugs. They note that for a small price - about 60 rubles, you can buy a product of high quality. When using, no need to exert great effort - most of the dirt is removed easily. "Comet" leaves behind a pleasant smell and sparkling clean surface.

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