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The joy of the appearance of a baby can not replace eitherone event in a person's life. Parents always make every effort to wrap their child's attention, care and affection from all sides, give him their love. They want the baby to feel comfortable, feel comfort and protection. For this they acquire everything necessary for the child. These are clothes and toys, all the bedding and other necessary things.

mosquito net
It's no secret that kids really liketo be outdoors, outdoors. In order to walk with a small child, parents must buy a baby carriage and be sure to take care of her choice. The baby should feel comfortable in it, nothing should discomfort him and prevent him from enjoying the walk.

Spring and summer are the children's favorite time, butalong with pleasure there is a small problem, such as insects, dust and other. In the air, there are a lot of annoying flies and mosquitoes, which are so fond of kids. To help parents comes an accessory such as a mosquito net on a stroller. For children mosquitoes are made mainly of high-quality material that does not harm the health of the baby. They pass air well. The child will never be stuffy under such protection. The air molecule is many times smaller than the hole in the canvas.

mosquito netting

Mosquito net on the stroller will protect the baby is notonly from insects and dust, but also in the fall protect against falling leaves, and in winter from snowflakes. Of course, this is also a kind of barrier from unnecessary extraneous views. And also he will protect the child from a draft and poplar fluff.

Mosquito net on the stroller can be severalspecies. Let us single out some of them. For example, the mosquito net on the stroller is elegant. The accessory is made of strong soft fabric. It well tolerates both operation and washing. Usually such a grid is distinguished by the presence of lace or beautiful satin ribbons. You can choose a mosquito net of different colors and types.

Also distinguish the sports type. This is usually a product from a sports net, which has a fairly strong structure. The holes in it are somewhat larger than in the versions of the previous type. Such a mosquito net on the stroller is suitable for the autumn-winter period.

mosquito netting roll
Colors can also be varied, so you can choose the most suitable for your child's vehicle.

So that you can make comfortable protection in yourdesign and taste, in specialized stores, a mosquito net is sold. A roll can be of different sizes. All that is required for tailoring is simply to remove the size of the stroller (it is recommended to take the measurement from the walking block and add 7-12 cm). Then it is necessary to cut the corners on the grid evenly, making them round. After that, you need to twist and sew the grid, which can be done even without the help of a typewriter. Then again, it is necessary to tilt the edges for 5-10 cm and make a hole for the rubber band or tape. They can be beautifully fixed on a visor from above and tied in a bow. The procedure will take you no more than 1-2 hours. Mosquito net, made with your own hands, is good in that it is possible to give creativity to the product by "planting" on it multicolored butterflies or other applications.

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