How to choose a stroller for pogodki?

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Mom, who decided to have two children witha small age difference, you can safely be considered heroines. While the eldest is still very young and loves to stay with his mother for a long time, and along the street he goes in a wheelchair, a newborn appears in the family. It is clear that this causes a lot of difficulties. For example, to go out with two crumbs to the street without assistance is almost impossible. And to walk with children, one of which constantly asks for hands, and the second is in the cradle, alone is problematic.

Stroller for pogodkov

If the age difference in your children is less than 2years, then think about how to purchase a stroller for the weather. Of course, this will not be the cheapest purchase, but you will be able to evaluate its benefits already during the first walk. The choice of such a stroller should be approached with all responsibility, because in it you have to carry two kids at least 6 months.

Currently, manufacturers offerSeveral variants. If you are engaged in a choice even before the birth and want to use the stroller for the weather right after the appearance of the second baby, then pay attention to those options in which the cradle and the seat for the older child are combined. There are several ways of placing children's places.

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First option:two seats side by side in a wide children's vehicle. On one side is a cradle for a newborn, on the other - a seat. Carriages for children for outdoor use can be equipped with one common or two individual hoods. The latter, of course, is preferable: if a kid is carried, protecting with a convertible top from the sun or wind, the older child is unlikely to want to sit under the "roof". In addition, the places for children are slightly biased relative to each other, and your first-born will not awaken the younger with their conversations. Unauthorized attempts to throw a toy in the cradle to a baby or share a delicious cookie with it will also be unsuccessful.

The second option: the cradle and the seat for the first child are completely separated. They are not near, but go one after another. If you have an active and noisy first-born - this will be the best way out.

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Having bought such a stroller for the weather, you willcalm: the newborn will be turned towards you, and the firstborn, although he will sit with his back to you, but he will have a wonderful view. In addition, unwanted contact between children in such a stroller will simply not be possible.

Six months later, when the second child beginssit, many are again beginning to look for a stroller for the weather. For two seated children, the choice is wider. Mom can pick up a lighter, more compact and easy-to-manage option. Some manufacturers offer to place the kids next to each other, a train or even one under the other. Parents can choose according to their preferences and financial possibilities. It should be noted that strollers, in which the younger child is actually under the elder, should not be used by residents of large cities. After all, the child, whose seat is at the bottom, will have to constantly breathe dust and exhaust gases.

Of course, the main drawback of any of the describedoptions is the overall size. Do not fit in the elevator strollers for the weather! User testimonials indicate that without assistance to a mother with two children it is very difficult to leave the entrance of a multi-storey building. Residents of private houses in this plan were much more fortunate: they are not so limited in movement.

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