How to carry shoes that press: several ways

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Everyone at least oncethe question of how to carry shoes, which presses. Many will ask: "Why buy such shoes?". But no one is immune from this. Perhaps in the store a particular pair of shoes seemed perfectly suitable, but at home the situation radically changes. What to do? You just need to learn how to carry shoes that press.

how to carry shoes that presses
First of all, do not wear a problem pair andwalk in it all day. Wear better gradually: hours per day will be enough. If the shoe is pressed in any places, it is necessary to use the patch in advance to avoid the appearance of calluses. Perhaps your new shoes after taking such measures will finally become comfortable after a week. If not, how to carry shoes that press?

Option one - contact the workshop. There is a special equipment. But not every workshop has such means. So, maybe you have to run around the city.

The second option is how to distribute narrow shoes -purchase a special stretch. It's about spray. It can be found in almost any shoe store. How does he work? You need to sprinkle those places inside the shoes that harness. And then immediately put on your "boots" and resemble them in a couple of minutes.

how to carry a narrow shoes
If you could not understand how to carry a smallshoes, maybe you can help people's ways. Everyone knows how to stretch newspapers. But few people can correctly use this method to bring new shoes in order. So, you need a large number of newspapers to moisten with water, tear to pieces and shove it all into your shoes. Wet paper should be placed inside the shoes as much as possible. The degree of extension depends on this. Now we need to wait for the newspapers to dry naturally. Do not dry shoes near heaters and batteries. You will have to wait about a day. Now you can take out the paper and enjoy the comfortable shoes.

how to carry small shoes
If you are considering how to carry shoes,which presses, then try to use vodka. After all, the alcohol contained in it, perfectly softens the skin. It is best to take a pure equivalent of it, without impurities. Moisten with alcohol shoes from the inside (this is true only for shoes made of genuine leather). Now wear warm woolen socks and stroll around the apartment. Do not go to the treated shoes on the street, until the alcohol evaporates, otherwise it can deteriorate. If you have suede shoes, this method is not suitable for them. But here, oddly enough, the beer will help out. With a frothy drink, the shoes are smeared inside, then in exactly the same way as in the previous case, it is worn on the foot in a thick toe and worn.

The most "humane" is the method withusing a refrigerator. In this case your legs will not be required. And now it will not be necessary to think how to carry shoes, which presses. So, take two plastic bags, put them in shoes, then pour water in them and tighten them tightly. After that, you can put the shoes in the freezer. Water, as is known, expands when freezing, accordingly, the shoes will stretch. That's only summer shoes so it's better not to adjust. In the end, winter boots, boots, ankle boots are designed for frost.

Here are some simple ways to help you correct an annoying mistake - buying tight shoes.

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