A few ideas on how to decorate a wheelchair for a parade of strollers

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Today people come up with various interestingEntertainment is only to amuse yourself and others. A good tradition in many cities of the country is the parade (that is, the contest) of baby carriages, when parents try to decorate their baby's first transport in an original way. Always this action ends with the awarding of the winners. Wishing to win the prize, parents begin to think about how to decorate the wheelchair non-standard.

how to decorate a wheelchair for a parade of strollers

Most often children's transport is decorated with details,made of improvised materials, that is, from all that can be found at home. In this and all the charm - from unnecessary or ordinary things to create masterpieces. More rarely a certain design is ordered by specialists, but such exhibits are immediately visible to the naked eye, therefore the public quickly loses interest to them. Let's look at several options for how to decorate a wheelchair on a parade of strollers yourself.


The simplest option is to make a stroller in the forma certain transport environment. You can decorate it under the tank, and dress the baby tanker, under the plane - the pilot, under the jeep - a tough guy. This idea is also suitable for girls. It is worth remembering the baby carriage Scarlett from the movie "Gone with the Wind" - to her in front were attached horses that seemed to run. Is not it an idea? Well, the classic version - the princess in the carriage. Such a girl will look the most attractive.

Wheelchair Contest

You can ponder on what kind of heroI wanted to see my child. And already in accordance with this, think over his transport. But how to decorate a wheelchair on a parade of wheelchairs, if the conceived hero does not have a car? It's simple: you can equip a child's vehicle in the form of a room or habitat of the chosen character. So, the boys will approach the dress of Spiderman, Batman, and girls can be dressed as fairies or princess warriors.


To not long puzzle over howdecorate the stroller on the parade of strollers, you can decorate it in the cartoon style. First you need to select the desired character, and then just think about his surroundings. So, the girls will look great in the role of Masha from the cartoon "Masha and the Bear", and the boys can dress up Funtiki, Luntikami, and if in the carriage the twins - Zayts and Volk from the cartoon "Well, wait!".

pram contest
National styles

There are other options for how to decorate a strolleron a parade of carriages, for example, in the style of the peoples of the world. To do this, you need at least a little to know the history of each country. So, imitating the Ukrainian culture, you can dress a kid with a Cossack and put on a cart, for example, with salt. Remembering the history of Greece, it is possible to make Olympus from the transport of the baby and plant a god or goddess there - Zeus or Athena. Well, if you think about England, then the idea arises by itself - the king or the queen on the throne.


You can try to move away from simple options anddo something unusual on the wheelchair contest. For example, a baby can be dressed as a vampire, and a wheelchair can be decorated in a suitable style. Also it will be interesting to look kids-zombies. But not all parents will decide this step. But to dress up a baby with any animal will not be difficult, the wheelchair will have to be made the place where this animal usually lives.

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