What can you wish for a man at his birthday: the best options for congratulations

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Birthday is a special holiday in lifeeach person. Anyone who claims that he does not expect either guests or congratulations on this day is certainly disingenuous. For close people there is often a difficult task: how to choose the most suitable gift for a birthday person and what can you wish for at a birthday? As for women, it is most easy for them to compose a congratulatory text (except when the fairer sex is your boss), but with men the situation is more complicated. And who wants to just want only happiness, good and love? Let's consider what kind of congratulations to present the birthday of the male, depending on his age.

Congratulations on the birthday of a man 20-25 years old

When you are 20 or slightly more, then your ownexistence is seen as a stream of interesting incidents, passions and incendiary events. This period in the life of a young man is usually accompanied by the end of a higher education institution. And if the guy is a student, then the main contingent of the guests of the holiday will most likely consist of fellow students of the birthday. And what can you wish at the birthday of the future graduate? Of course, successful passing the exams! And certainly in a comic form:

what to wish for at a birthday

Our people say,

Like everything in order -

Session two times,

Only a pity - inopportunely.

We wish you, brother

To hand over everything perfectly!

Well, and at last so

Happiness in personal life!

In the case when you need a serious young man to congratulate you on your birthday, you can choose a rhymed quatrain:

We wish, that it was possible in life

All that is destined for destiny:

So that my wife and I are not capricious,

And that your child does not get sick.

You are young, you are still careless,

But you became a year more mature.

So may life with you be human,

And in order to walk in unison with you!

If the birthday of 30-40 years

If you are wondering about what you can dowish at the birthday of an adult independent man, then rhyme toasts will come to the aid, which will be pleasantly read out in the circle of friends. Special congratulations in various companies are comic congratulations:

congratulations on the birthday of a man

We wish that you always

I wanted and could:

Away from running away from the tavern

To your beloved Fros!

And that you suddenly get sick

Ail very scary:

I suddenly wanted to use

In the morning, curdled milk.

So what am I to? Walk, dear,

But just know: you're older!

And always come back home:

Though to Fros, and at least to Glasha!

Another original wish for a man of 30-40 years may be such a quatrain:

Let life go, do not be shy,

Work and give birth to children.

Love, create and conquer,

And never be depressed!

We wish many, many forces,

And that about happiness did not ask.

What can you wish at the birthday of an elderly man?

Happy Birthday

In old age, the days of one's own birth no longer bring people such joy as in their youth. Therefore, you can congratulate an elderly man
traditional wishes of health and happiness.

Do not forget that every greetingcan be targeted at a particular person. If your company has a poet, then the most original will be writing a personal quatrain for a friend, husband or brother.

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