Shelf in the bathroom: what to look for

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The procedure is easier to maintain regularly thanincessantly guide. The right furniture will help us in this. The shelf in the bathroom must be suitable for its purpose and the conditions in which it will be used. Most often there is high humidity.

a shelf in the bathroom
Consequently, the shelf in the bathroom, as well asand the rest of the furniture, should be made of moisture-resistant materials. Definitely not suitable for fiberboard and chipboard, except that they will be treated with a special coating.

Wall shelves for the bathroom most oftenare made of metal, plastic or glass. If you want the bathroom to look stylish and attractive, it's better to choose homogeneous furniture. Wicker and wooden (from a solid array) cabinets and shelving should not be combined with plastic or glass. Etchikol means only natural, natural materials. Plastic, although it is reliable, and hygienic, and relatively cheap, will not be suitable for any interior. Wooden shelf in the bathroom should be covered with a special compound that will protect it from moisture and stains of various hygiene products.

wall shelf for bathroom
In principle, the usual varnish is also suitable, but it is better to apply a stain, which is intended for garden furniture.

Modern style requires a different design:metal shelves for the bathroom, shiny nickel plated or chrome plated racks will look appropriate in it. Such material is perfectly combined with glass. Take into account that the shelf in the bathroom is usually chosen according to the principle of simplicity in the care. And on the glass, and on the metal, precipitation of salts and stains can be constantly formed, so if you want the bathroom to look neat, you need to wipe them with a special solution designed for such furniture.

In principle, the regiment does not experience the bathroomheavy load. It is appropriate to put on it baskets of woven or woven material, in which you can store towels, bath accessories. They hang such furniture, as a rule, between tiles, so as not to damage or crack the tile. The shelves with the backlight are original. By the way, for a bathroom the LED lamps are perfect. If there is a window or a window, do not forget to regularly ventilate the bathroom: this is necessary so that the mold and fungus does not divorce.

Taking care of

metal shelves for the bathroom
for furniture in the bathroom, remember that the fundsTo wash the toilet bowl or sink contain corrosive substances that can leave discolored stains on the tree. When choosing metal shelves, pay attention to a special coating: it must be reliable and durable, and not consist only of a thin film. If it comes off, exfoliate, it is necessary to sand it completely and cover the surface with waterproof paint to protect it from rust. The easiest way is to look after glass or plastic. It is enough to wipe them several times a month with a soft cloth with a tool for washing windows - and a presentable look is provided. Choosing toilet appliances: soap dish, stand for brushes, consider the overall style of the interior. The most practical are the ceramic or plastic accessories.

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