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children's inflatable pools
Kids love to dabble in the bathroom, jump onpuddles, swim in the water. It gives them a lot of fun. With the advent of summer, water games are more convenient to transfer to fresh air. It is enough to buy children's inflatable pools. If during the holidays you are going to take the kid with you to the sea, then be sure to stock up on a compact pool that is easy to inflate right on the beach. It will be able to collect salty water, which will quickly heat up under the sun's rays to a suitable temperature for the child. How to choose a children's pool, you will learn from this article.

What to look for when buying:

  1. Dimensions. Small children's inflatable pools are easy to move, they quickly inflate, they can easily drain water. But they are inconvenient because they quickly become tight for the growing up child. A large pool is good for a country house, a country house. In it you can swim a whole company of little mischievous people. Adults also fit perfectly in a large inflatable pool, Intex Easy, for example.
    inflatable pool intex easy
  2. The pool may have a flat or inflatable bottom. For a very small crumbs, the ideal option would be a voluminous one. It is warmer and better preserves the water temperature. A flat bottom will be convenient for a child who has already learned to walk.
  3. Sun protection. In hot summer time, outdoor pool games can lead to overheating of the body if you do not use a protective awning. Some models already have such a device in the kit. Even if you have purchased an inexpensive pool, you can always pull the canopy yourself.
  4. Storage. It is desirable to solve this issue in advance. Children's inflatable pools can not be left on the street for a long time. The product must be lowered, previously freed from water, and then carried under the awning. With a large model, you may need to force 2 - 3 people to move.
  5. Water purification.Children's inflatable pools, as a rule, do not have mechanisms for filtration, water purification. It will have to be changed every 2 to 3 days due to contamination. Drainage holes in the inflatable models, too, no. Pour out the water with a bucket or by tilting the side walls down. To the large premium pools there is a pump that pumps the water automatically. If the entire structure after use is covered with a tent, the cleaning can be postponed for another day or another.
  6. Repair kit.The inflatable equipment is exposed to a permanent risk of damage. It is desirable to always have a repair kit with which you can quickly seal the hole formed. Let small troubles do not interfere with the fun of the kids.
    Inflatable swimming pools reviews

Buy inflatable toys and balls in order toplaying in the water became even more interesting. Now on sale there are small fountains, creating a lot of splashes and causing delight in the kids. These and many other positive qualities of the goods made inflatable pools popular among buyers. Reviews of the various models suggest that this is an excellent solution for the hot summer. Pleasant shopping for you and joy to your children!

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