Radio technical troops of the Russian Air Force. Day of Radio Engineering Troops

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One of the holidays, revered among military professionals, is the Day of Radio Engineering Forces of the Air Force of the Russian Federation. They celebrate it every year on December 15.

The task of the radio technical troops

Perhaps not all readers are aware of the fact thatradio technical forces at one time separated from the Russian Air Force. Their main purpose is the conduct of reconnaissance radar operations, thanks to which the Air Force's management units receive timely information about the detected air enemy. In addition, data on the constant air situation are necessary for solving regular tasks not only in wartime, but also when the security of the state is not threatened.

radio technical forces
Strategic information, which is received by the Air Force headquarters from reconnaissance radar troops, is then sent, as necessary, to the air forces and anti-aircraft missile forces.

History of occurrence

It turns out that the radio technical forces possessrich in history. This kind of troops is young enough, as it was formed just over half a century ago. In 1952, it already functioned almost in the same form in which it is presented today. Although the forefathers of military radio engineering are the so-called "observation posts". They were formed during the First World War in the process of organizing defensive measures around Petrograd. Then the task of the newly formed posts was the timely warning of the army about the proximity of the air enemy. A few years later, the posts were consolidated into a military body, forming the VNOS service (air surveillance, warning and communication).

Radio engineering during the Second World War

In the coming years, posts have equipped the simplestoptical equipment, and in 1940, the VNOS received radar stations RUS-2. Within two years, the radars were modernized, which allowed us to continue to use instruments with improved performance. Radio engineering troops of the Great Patriotic War, using the first stations, had the opportunity to detect fascist aircraft at a distance of up to 40 kilometers.

day of radio engineering troops

In fact, the use of such radars wasThe only reconnaissance method in the airspace when searching for the enemy. Realizing the level of danger for fighters and bombers from the operation of radar equipment, enemy pilots set themselves the obligatory task of destroying them. Thus, the timely detection of aircraft of a potential enemy became the number one item in the decisions of important tasks of the state level to ensure the security of the country.

Approval of the December 15 date

As a holiday, the Day of Radio Engineering TroopsThe Russian Federation was founded in 1951. Then on December 15 the Council of Ministers of the USSR ordered the Military Ministry to form a new functional military body that would deal with the detection of the enemy in the border airspace and alert military headquarters and civilians.

Radio technical troops of the Air Force passed an important stagedevelopment in the middle of the twentieth century. 60th years were marked by large deliveries of the radar equipment, military parts of the given kind of troops were formed. In addition, the emphasis was on the discovery of new heights, helping to provide control over the Soviet sky.

Development of the radio-technical military sphere at the end of the twentieth century

Modern specialists in military affairs point out,that the most significant for the history of radio technical forces were the 80's. This period is marked by significant significant changes in the equipment of troops. One by one, the most powerful complexes and radar detection stations were delivered to the military units.

radio technical troops
In addition, many devices of the new generationpartially or completely were transferred to automatic mode of operation. To this stage of development, the radio technical forces had systems for uniting with air defense forces. The scale and high level of automated processes for the management, processing and provision of information data allowed the radio technical troops to take the lead among the Armed Forces.

The importance of radio technical forces in ensuring the defense capability of Russia

Radar field in the formerThe Soviet Union, created in that period, allows to continue to implement a program of continuous monitoring and tracking of aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft.

radio technical troops of russia

It turns out that the radio technical forces madehis contribution to the unique history of the space industry, namely, participated in the organization and contributed to the safe landing of domestic ships. By the way, the landing of the first Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin did not pass without the help of radio technicians. It is also known that servicemen of this kind of troops participated in the peacekeeping missions of the countries of Central Asia (China, North Korea, Vietnam), Angola, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Cuba and many other states.

Radio technical troops of Russia, whichthe regiments of the same name are subordinate to the main command of the Air Force. In the absence of combat operations, all units and strongpoints of this kind of troops do not leave their locations and continue to guard the state frontier zone, or rather its airspace from an illegal invasion.

Educational radio-technical institution in Vladimir

It is also important that radio engineeringthe Russian Air Force troops need a proper level of material support, since radar reconnaissance requires the provision of expensive modern equipment and highly qualified training of military specialists in the further exploitation of such equipment.

radio technical troops

On the territory of Russia there is a specializeda preparatory institution in the city of Vladimir, called the Center for the Training of Specialists of Radio Engineering Forces of the Air Force. Graduates of this institution, having received diplomas in the specialties "radar station technician", "technician of a separate radar company", etc., can enter the service in the radio technical troops.

Development of the industry

At the moment, the budget of the Russian stateEvery year, it is necessary to equip and purchase high-quality promising radio engineering for this kind of Air Force troops. Also, in order to maintain the satisfactory state of military radio electronics, the management of the units organizes its periodic repairs. By the way, thanks to the constant modernization of equipment in this sphere, in 2015 about one third of all weapons are made up of innovative radio engineering devices. But, according to the leaders of the Air Force, this is far from the limit. It is planned that by 2020 this figure will double.

There is nothing surprising in that on December 15 inFrom everywhere, congratulations are sounded from the Day of Radio Engineering Troops. Employees of this sphere want the best, because representatives of military affairs deserve recognition and respect, no less than soldiers of airborne troops, air defense or border guards.

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