Congratulations on the birthday of a young woman in verse

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Each of us at least once in my life hadto congratulate your dear friends on your birthday. Agree, in this case, always want to say pleasant words for a year ahead, because in ordinary days, it rarely comes out. Wanting banal "happiness-health" is not an option, what should you do if you do not get a single pleasant line on your mind? Correctly, help poems, congratulations on his birthday. A young woman will enjoy any attention, especially if it will go from the heart.

Beautiful greetings for a friend

1. Such a miracle as you,

Should be happy.

Men should give flowers,

And not the days to bring rainy.

Let joy in your house

It will fall like snow on your head,

And let rest reign in him,

And tears do not drip without reason.

2. My dear friend,

For many years I recognized you in full.

We were with you everywhere,

You supported as best you could.

For people like you, the most expensive gifts,

You will understand, you will be advised only by you

And make any day bright,

Let all dreams come true!

Happy birthday, my fair ray,

For you in the fields alei hats of flowers,

And he expects only the best in your life,

Though in this world, even in any of the worlds!

3. You have everything you need:

Favorite work, good husband, loyal friends.

So let it be in tens of years

All this will be preserved and what will not be added!

With your holiday, our beauty,

Let it all work out in life,

Let the river does not change the river,

And please let us smile!

happy birthday young woman beautiful congratulations

Finding the right birthday greetinga young woman - this is quite a difficult job, because young girls are so interested in pleasant words, which once again prove its importance for loved ones. All of the above poems will touch the heart of any young woman and make congratulations unforgettable.

Congratulations for the girl

1. My beloved and tender,

Love for you knocks in your heart,

You are the best thing I have,

Your face, gait, hands: everything is so pleasant, it beckons.

On your day, I want to apologize

For all the words and resentments,

For all that had happened,

For everything, dear, I'm sorry!

I treasure you, you know,

Oh, why do these hands, face and gait so beckon?

2. For me you are like a sun ray,

For me, you are a cold winter rain,

And no matter how many clouds there are in the sky,

I know that it's sunny next to you.

Such as you, more in the world there:

Kind, sympathetic and sweet,

And no matter how bad the world is,

I know that next to you are thousands of beautiful flowers.

Happy birthday, my love!

Good, success, understanding.

And no matter how much misfortune your life has presented,

You know that everything will fix my confession in love.

3. Happy birthday, dear!

The sea of ​​flowers, smiles, love

On this day you expect,

And in all other days!

I'm so happy that next to you

I can be and just breathe.

You, like the first flower in the early spring,

Do not get tired of making me happy again and again!

Happy birthday to a young woman

Everyone knows that all girls without exceptionadore when they are told pleasant words, birthday is another extra day in the year when you can say a pleasant birthday greeting to a young woman.

Pleasant words for a loved one

1. Let him see you rarely,

There are infrequent calls and meetings,

But still you are dear to me, my baby,

Though sometimes my words contradict actions.

With your holiday, my dear,

Live and Enjoy Life,

And I do not need such another,

A spray similar to the sun.

2. Success, health and happiness to you,

And nothing more is needed,

That life was to your liking,

And people close to you!

Any words of sincere wishes for the birthday of a young woman will be pleasant. Beautiful congratulations will always raise the mood on your birthday and make the holiday a homely warm.

Short congratulations for all occasions

1. Be happy,

Live without worries,

Believe in your luck,

And she will find you!

2. On this festive day, I wish you

Happiness, love, kindness and health!

3. There is no one better in the world than you,

You are worthy of gifts, flowers, warmth and kindness!

poems congratulations on the birthday of a young woman

Even such short verse lines will delivergirl pleasure, because she immediately understand that they remember her and appreciate her. Congratulations on the birthday of a young woman can be short, because the main thing is attention.

Ladies love with their ears, that's why it's so easyto deliver them sincere joy, wishing all the best, with a smile on her face saying congratulations on her birthday. A young woman will be very pleased to hear any parting words.

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