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What a boy does not dream about a toypistol or machine? And if this is a real sniper rifle or blaster, then such a gift is just a real holiday for the growing up man. Some of the best toys for boys are Nerf products or Nerf rifles. But what toy to choose among a large range of rifles? Let's understand.

Superblaster "Nerf Longshot CS-6"

One of the most interesting children's rifles isblaster "Longshot". It looks like a real space weapon of bright color. There are such children's weapons about 10 thousand rubles. The rifle will look great in children's combat shootings and will cause envy among peers.

rifle nerf

This blaster belongs to the group of snipersrifles and has excellent accuracy of shooting. Model Nerf sniper rifle does not require batteries, has an unusually long barrel, which can be an independent pistol.

True, even this rifle has minuses anddisadvantages: a small clip of 6 rounds will not give you real pleasure in shooting. Although it can be put on clips from other rifles. Also, when the cartridge is stuck, only the owners of thin, thin hands can get it.

Rifle series "Nerf Elite" (Nerf Elite - Retaliator)

One of the main series of rifles produced by Nerf is the Nerf Elite series. It also has a bright, branded color. There is a weapon about 3500 rubles.

One of the main advantages of Retaliator: The rifle can be quickly assembled and modified due to several elements that are so easy to assemble and sort into various types of children's weapons. At the same time it is light enough and works without batteries.

 nerf elite

The model has several features thatsignificantly increase its potential - on the additional bars you can attach several sights, handles and lamps. Also in the handle is a special hole for one cartridge, which is so necessary with an important "war". The cartridge itself holds 12 cartridges, and the stuck bullets can be pulled out through a special hole.

Rifles "Nerf" are designed in such a way that each can be approached with details from other models. This also applies to the model under consideration. You can easily replace or pick up the butt or muzzle from another model of the series.

Blaster "Nerf Elite Modulus" (Nerf Modulus)

Another representative of the series Nerf Elite, blaster "Modulus" will please every boy with huge functionality. This blaster can easily be converted into a pistolor assault rifle, sniper rifle due to the great possibilities of modification. High firing accuracy - up to 27 meters - is provided by the excellent firepower, while the rifle produces three cartridges per second.

children's rifles

The clip holds 10 cartridges, and the butt hasspare compartment for spare cartridges. Here you can also install additional sights, lights and other devices that increase the accuracy of shooting. Just like other rifles, you can change the butt or muzzle with other models of different rifles of the rifle "Nerf": Elite, N-Strike and Zombie Strike. According to the buyers of this rifle, it is the best in the series.

Disadvantage can be considered only power supply due to the batteries.

The rifle "Zombie Strike Dominator" (Nerf Zombie Strike Dominator)

This rifle clearly stands out among other children's rifles. The name "Zombie" literally reflects on it, primarily in the acid-green color. There is such a blaster about 4 thousand rubles.

Great firepower is achieved thanks tofour automatic reels, each of which accommodates 6 rounds. Total total ammunition holds 24 cartridges - this is one of the features of the rifle "Nerf". And the replacement of cartridges is provided by the presence of a small lever above the trigger of the blaster. And an additional sight can be attached to the muzzle.

The assault handle can be installed both from below and from above, therefore it is possible to shoot from the hip and from the shoulder. Rate of fire - 3-4 rounds per second.

From the shortcomings - it can not be modified and replaced with other models.

Blaster "Nerf Mega Centurion" (Nerf Mega Centurion)

"Nerf" (rifle) "Centurion" is characterized by a high rate of fire and great tactical functionality. The price category is not so democratic - 9 thousand rubles.

Rifle cartridges shoot farther than 30 meters, this is the best performance among all models of the brand "Nerf". Children's rifles have not seen such far-sightedness for a long time.

nerf rifle centurion

This blaster can also be transformed andModify into other types of children's weapons: a pistol, a rifle or an automaton. The clip is equipped with a compartment for only 6 cartridges. At first glance, it may seem that the magazine with ammunition will often need to be recharged, but with a strong desire, you can insert a clip from other rifles.

On this model, you can also install additional sights, lights and devices to increase the speed of fire and accuracy.

It is not recommended to use this rifle in enclosed spaces.

Blaster "Nerf Vulcan" (Nerf N-Strike Vulcan)

It is a real monster among Nerf products both externally and in terms of its functional characteristics. Children's rifles of this model cost about 10 thousand rubles.

This is the only machine that uses a cartridge belt. For laying cartridges there is a special container that comes complete with a rifle.

nerf sniper rifle

There are also two modes of fire here -automatic and manual. Also on the model you can attach additional devices from other models. Included with the toy arms is a tripod for installation on the ground.

Of the shortcomings, buyers note a not very convenient to use cartridge belt. It must be constantly held by hand, so as not to fly off.

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