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What should be the stroller? Safe, comfortable, multifunctional, easy and convenient. We suggest to consider such kind, as carriage Baby Care City Style. This model is of the cane type. These options are the most optimal for families who often travel, because the folded wheelchair takes up little space and it is convenient to place it in the trunk of the car or in public transport.

stroller baby care style
Also, due to the low weight of the mothersindependently lift a stroller without an elevator. The stroller, the photo of which you will see in this article, has a beautiful design that attracts attention. Now, of course, let's move on to the characteristics of this vehicle for the child.

Let's first consider the wheels. They are double and floating in this model. Front wheels are easily fixed exclusively in the forward position due to a special lock. The width and length of the wheelbase is 48 cm and 68 cm respectively. Such wheels allow easy maneuvering on winding roads or on city sidewalks.

The Baby Care City Style Stroller is very light, and allthis is due to the fact that the frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. On the rear wheels is a parking brake, which is a very convenient addition. On wheels there is a spring depreciation system, which means that your child will not feel the roughness of the road. If during the walk he fell asleep, then you can easily change the inclination of the back without a sound, and the baby will be able to sleep freely.

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Due to the fact that the back is tight, you should notworry about the condition of the child's spine. It is also possible to adjust the footrest, due to which you can significantly increase the berth. Baby Care City Style, reviews of the mothers about which only the most positive, can take 5 different positions of the back.

If you plan to visit with your childshops, then located at the bottom of a roomy shopping basket for sure you need. In case of a cold snap, your child will warm a special cover on the legs. To prevent even the most active child from falling out, there is a soft bumper in the wheelchair that can be easily opened. Five-point seat belts firmly fix the child, and soft lining protects him. If during the walk suddenly started to rain, then you do not need to worry, because in the stroller there is a raincoat. As for the hood, it can be lowered to the bumper. In this situation, your child is not afraid of any bad weather. In order for you to be able to observe the child at the same time, there is a special viewing window in the hood. The total weight of the stroller is only 6.2 kg.

baby care city style reviews
The Baby Care City Style Stroller is presented inwide color spectrum, everything depends entirely on your taste. It is very important that it easily folds and takes up little space, and therefore there will be no problems with its transportation.

I think after you read this article,you will want to buy this stroller. With such a vehicle, you will not be afraid of the park paths or the uneven sidewalks of the city. Stroller Baby Care City Style - the perfect solution for travel.

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