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Each housewife keeps cleanliness in the apartment.Cleaning takes a long time and begins with floors, and ends with cleaning the bathroom and toilet. Everything in the house should shine, so attention should be given to each subject.

The toilet does not become an exception.For his condition, you need to monitor more carefully, because it is there that accumulates a very large number of bacteria. Rust, microbes, calcareous plaque - a terrible dream for any mistress. To combat this problem, special chemicals are produced. Household chemistry is in every house. It is divided into:

  1. Means used for washing.
  2. Detergents.

Kinds of detergents for toilet bowls

To date, there are a large number of companies that produce household chemicals. The most well-known means for cleaning toilet bowls:

  1. "Domestos";
  2. "Dressing duckling";
  3. "Sanox gel";
  4. Bref;
  5. "DiCHO";
  6. WC Gel.

This is not the whole list of cleaners.Each has its own characteristics and characteristics. In addition to gels, there are discs and stickers that are attached to the rim of the toilet bowl. They not only fight bacteria, but also refresh the toilet room with every contact with water.

Prices of such funds range from 50 rubles. up to 150 rubles. The most popular is the cleanser for toilet bowls "Toilet duckling", thanks to its convenient shape of the neck.

Dressing duckling

Description and main characteristics of the product

The bottle has a curved neck in the form of a duck neck.

Type of product - household chemicals.

Type of product - gel.

The volume is 500 ml, 750 ml.

The price is from 70 rubles. up to 90 rubles.

The composition includes water, up to 15% hydrochloric acid, perfume, dye, propionaldehyde.

Has a sharp smell, not thick.

Keep in a place not accessible tochildren and animals, at a temperature of -5 ° C to + 20 ° C. Keep away from direct sunlight. Do not leave near food. Use only as directed. Avoid getting the gel in the eyes or on the skin, and otherwise - rinse well with water. Rubber gloves are used for protection. Avoid inhalation during distribution. It is not recommended to mix with other products, and also to apply on varnished or polished surfaces. You can store 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Application and result

"Dressing duckling" helps to ensuremaximum cleansing, eliminates unpleasant odors, removes plaque, rust. A convenient neck spends the gel in hard-to-reach places and destroys the accumulated microbes. By results of researches, kills 99% of bacteria. In addition, the "Duckling" disinfects the surface of the toilet bowl.

Household chemicals

Pressing on the bottle, it is necessary to unscrew the cap.Raising the seat, you need to evenly spread the gel under the rim of the toilet bowl along the circumference. It will be advisable to leave everything for a while and allow the gel to soften and separate the dirt. Chemical elements split the deposits formed on the surface, and give shine and purity. After using the brush, lightly clean the surface of the congestion of microbes. Rinse off with water. Due to its composition, the duckling will remove all unwanted dirt.

To maintain cleanliness and freshness, the agent must be used regularly. After 30 minutes, after cleaning, the toilet is completely disinfected.

"Dressing duckling": cleanliness discs

Disks of cleanliness from "Duckling" - is the same geltoilet cleaner, only in the replacement block. It also fights microbes, refreshes and cleanses on contact with water, protects from plaque formation and rust.

Pressing the dispenser to the toilet, you need to press andhold the button down until it clicks. It is glued to both a dry and a wet surface. Thus, a fixed gel disk appears under the rim. To activate the disk, you need to drain the water. When the disc is complete, repeat the procedure and install a new one. 1 pack is enough for 650-700 washes.

Dressing duckling cleanliness discs

Use only as directed withobservance of instructions. Install preferably so that it was not visible. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid getting the gel on the skin or eyes. In case of contact, rinse well with clean water. After installation, wash hands with soap and water. Do not swallow! Otherwise, drink 2 glasses of clean water and seek help in the hospital.

Discs are stored at temperatures from + 5 ° C to + 20 ° C,in a dry place, without getting sunlight. Do not put near food. In one block there are 6 disks. After use, they must be disposed of as household waste.

Dressing Duck Price

Reviews of housewives

Each housewife evaluates the product "Dressingduckling ", relying on their experience. Analyzing 20 reviews, we can say that the duckling deserves a firm assessment - five. Everyone liked the quality of the product, cleaning the surface of the toilet bowl and removing odor.

Reviews about the cleaning agent note that alwayshelps to ease the removal of dirt and rusty raids only "Dressing duckling", the price - not high (compared to other means). And it is very convenient to pour under the rim of the toilet.

Thanks to the unique shape of the bottle, the product is easily applied to hard-to-reach places, which is noted by all the housewives. With pollution it perfectly copes, and for a long time the freshness remains.

So, we can conclude that the cleanser from the "Duckling" will be the most faithful assistant in your house and will keep the toilet in a brilliant condition.

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