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Remedy for mold on walls sooner or lateris required for everyone. Moisture in the room is the cause of many unpleasant consequences. Including the formation of fungus or mold. This mischief spoils the appearance of the walls, but most importantly - destructively affects the health and well-being of people living in the house. Asthma, digestive tract diseases, breathing problems, allergies - these are far from all the ailments that can arise. This is what motivates us to look for a remedy for mold on the walls.

mold remover on walls
The reasons for the appearance of the fungus are many.First of all, this moisture, and it can be located in building partitions - this is a consequence of errors when laying foundations. The second reason is the freezing of the walls. Usually a large amount of moisture in the room is a consequence of problems with ventilation. Mold and fungus spread over different surfaces. But if in the case of a brick it is easier to remove them, then they will have to be cut out and burned from the tree. Before you find a remedy for mold on walls and fungus, it is worth finding out the cause of their appearance and neutralizing it.

antifoaming agent on walls
Usually mold and fungus are on the layerplasters. And you need to check the degree of its adhesion to the wall. It is enough to tap a specific area. If you hear a thud, the plaster, as if separated from the wall, can be removed and replaced with a new one. If everything is normal, then usually just use any drug against mold and fungus. It is recommended to moisten the walls with water beforehand so that spores do not scatter throughout the room during the cleaning process. Now a concrete remedy against mold on the walls is applied, always with a spare meter indentation, so as to accurately capture all the nascent layers. Treat the surface with a roller or brush. There are spray cans on the market, but they are good at cleaning small areas. To increase the effectiveness of the product, it must be applied in several layers, each following do after drying the previous one. After treatment, the mildew agent on the walls, together with the fungus, is removed with a metal brush. Do not forget to wear a respirator mask, glasses for the time of work, the room should be well ventilated.

mold detergent
There are also cases when a cleaning agent frommold is unable to solve the problem. Speech about those situations in which the fungus penetrates too deeply, surface treatment does not help. If you have the opportunity to completely replace the affected fragment, produce it.

As an example, there are several titlesdrugs that are used to combat mold and fungus. The most effective are those that contain boron compounds. You can buy and a means of mold on the walls, helping to fight a specific type of fungus. Then it is better to consult a specialist. It will help to determine what kind of fungus you are dealing with. So, here are the drugs that are popular today:

  • The drug "Atlas Mykos" - removes mold, fungus, moss, lichen, used in high humidity.
  • The drug "Spectrum Fungicide" - a remedy for combating the fungus on different surfaces.
  • The drug "Titan Fungicide" - helps to cope with the mold on the painted walls.

This is not all examples. In any case, it is important to use an integrated approach. Otherwise, the fungus and mold penetrate deep into the walls and destroy them.

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