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Soon you will have a holiday?Birthday of a close person, who turns twenty, thirty, forty, etc. years? Then the best thing that can be done on a holiday is to write a script for the anniversary, so that the birthday boy is incredibly happy, and in the air there was an atmosphere of fun, laughter and joy.

A round date happens very rarely, soprepare for the festival always in advance. This, of course, requires tremendous effort and a long time. It is best if the script of the jubilee is not thought up by the birthday person himself, but by his friends, colleagues and relatives. Then everyone will imagine themselves a "skeleton" on which the holiday will be built, and the jubilee will be able to fully enjoy the holiday and surprises.

"Why should I write a jubilee script, if possible?"do without it? ", you ask. And then, in order to have an idea of ​​what and after what is to be done. In particular, for yourself create a cliche, guided by which you need to paint everything by the minute. Look on the Internet, there you can find so many wishes and toasts that the birthday boy will undoubtedly remember this holiday for the rest of his life. And in this article you will find some tips and recommendations on how to write jubilee scenarios.

With what to begin preparation for a celebration?Of course, with the choice of room and decoration of the room or hall. So, if the anniversary is scheduled at home, it is better to remove all the excess furniture, so that there is more free space. And if the birthday is held in a restaurant, then it is best to choose a room where the room will be small and cozy, where only you will be, and there will be no strangers at the next tables. So, the room is selected. After that you need to think about how to create a wonderful, warm and unforgettable atmosphere for the hero of the day. The decoration of the room, of course, is included in the scenario of the anniversary evening. Make room posters with photographs of the hero of the day, you can make a selection of photographs of different periods of the birthday and draw some beautiful flowers. Then connect all this on one wall. In addition, do not forget about garlands, colorful air balloons and balls. You can buy a huge ball, inside of which there will be many, many little ones, and during the dance with the jubilee pierce it. And do not forget about flowers, especially if it's a woman's birthday. There should be a lot of colors in the room. Do not forget about the long poster that will stretch along the wall and contain the inscription "Happy Birthday!". Such posters, good, do not need to draw by themselves, they are sold in all stores.

So, the room is ready, you need to think about the restpart. Toasts, dances, congratulations, some interesting numbers with dances or with songs, etc. If the date, though round, but not so adult, then it's worth thinking about a party with fancy dresses. In addition, you need to prepare several awards, which will be awarded at the end of the celebration. For example, for the best costume, for the best dance, for the most charming couple, etc. You still need to prepare a large sheet of paper, and next to put pencils and pens so that each of the guests could leave their impressions and congratulations to the jubilee. And if the jubilee is a fiftieth anniversary, then it is worthwhile to think over a more serious scenario. So, prepare the "best holiday toast" nomination, and let each of the guests say warm words. And the jubilee himself will decide which toast he liked most. However, it is better if none of the guests know about it in advance. And although most of the guests will be aged, consider contests and a dance program. Surely everyone will be happy to participate in the games and dances.

Thus, the evening's thinking and scriptjubilees are the most important part of the celebration. Take care that everything goes well. And we, in turn, congratulate your jubilee and hope that his holiday will be remembered for him for many years.

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