Birthday Day in the 5th grade: how to organize a holiday properly

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At school, children spend quite a lot of time. And not only studying, but also working closely with each other. And why not diversify this pastime? In this article we will talk about how you can spend a birthday in the 5th grade.

birthday in the 5th form

What it is?

First of all, I want to understand what it isfor a day like this. It's no secret that every child loves holidays, especially his birthday. You can celebrate it not only at home, but also at school. It is for this purpose that the school days of the birthday person are arranged. And since they often can not be carried out, they often do this four times a year, collecting children born in the same season: in the summer, in the autumn, in the winter and in the spring. The very same holiday often includes the official part - congratulations to kids, game elements, regale - the so-called "sweet table", and entertainment component - poems, songs, dances, a small show.

About seasons

So, how best to celebrate the daybirthday in the 5th grade? Since these children are still quite small, you can focus on the game part of the program. However, first of all, we need to think over the theme of the holiday itself, because birthday people should somehow stand out. So, you can suggest a holiday according to the time of the year when the children were born: decorate the hall accordingly (with winter snowflakes, autumn colorful leaves, beautiful summer flowers), come up with suitable outfits for those who will be congratulated (for example, wearing crowns in the form of the same snowflakes winter babies or flowers - summer).

script birthday of the 5th class

What you need to prepare

So, to spend the day of the birthday in the 5th grade,some preparations will be necessary. First you need to think about decorating the hall. So, it is necessary to prepare congratulatory posters (it is better if classmates draw them), hang colored balls. It is necessary to think about gifts that will be given to children. It's one thing - gifts bought by parents. Other things - cooked by friends around the school (homemade cards, dolls, amulets, pictures in various techniques, etc.). And, of course, we need to think about food. It can be just sweets and juice, and you can make gatherings and more: why not buy cakes, cookies and other sweets that kids love so much to eat? Such a holiday for children is exactly remembered.

About the scenario

But this preparation does not end there. A very important element of this holiday is the script. Birthday Day (Grade 5) can be a whole merry holiday, if everything is properly and competently thought out. So, there must necessarily be a leader, that is, a person who will guide the course of the whole action. Most often this is a class teacher. But children should also participate in congratulations. For this, the kids can learn and tell the congratulatory verses, you can prepare several songs and even an uncomplicated costume dance. Children will really like it. It's great if the script of the birthday of the person at school includes a small theatrical performance. It can be a dramatization of a fairy tale or a puppet theater.

script of the day of the birthday man at school

Required elements

What should be mandatory at the celebration,which is called the birthday of the fifth class? So, first of all it will be congratulations. Very different: in prose and verse, in songs and even dances. Children need to want more and more. It is necessary to prepare at least a few competitions, because kids are very fond of competing and receiving prizes. Particularly good are the team competitions that help the children to unite and act together (this is not only an entertaining, but also a developing element). And, of course, there should be as much laughter and fun as possible on the birthday party. You can invite a clown, but this is completely uninteresting. In this case, it is better to involve the parents and high school students, who will take part in this action with pleasure and play any proposed role.

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