Unforgettable on March 8. Holiday Scenario

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March 8 is the very day when everyonewomen feel loved and desired. The only day in the year, absolutely all men want to make their loved ones and ladies pleasant. Ladies receive from the gentlemen a sea of ​​compliments, gifts and flowers. March 8 is a holiday of spring, after all the fierce frosts have ended, tulips and snowdrops are opening. But how to celebrate the International Women's Day so that it will be remembered for a long time?

The scenario of the holiday on March 8 is definitely betterall in advance. The main thing is to decide with whom and where you will celebrate it. The most popular places of leisure: cafes, restaurants, clubs. Lovers of extreme and nature can go on a picnic in the woods or even at the cottage. You can also note at home, in a circle of close and dear people. If your lover decided to prepare a surprise for you, then prepare to spend the evening alone with a young man surrounded by candles, champagne and roses. So, which version of the March 8 script is right for you - decide for yourself.

The hen party is on the 8th of March. Scenario of holding

If you decide to collect all your girlfriendsand a good day to celebrate a woman's day with them is a great idea! Determine in advance the place of the celebration. It is best to book a table in a nightclub or go to the sauna. Dancing, alcohol and no men! The entertainment program of the evening can be completely varied. Girls who love that "hot", can safely go to a strip club and admire the pumped-up males. Intelligent and calm young ladies can visit a restaurant or even go to the Philharmonic for a concert of symphonic music. If you do not want to go to crowded places, there is a good option to celebrate the holiday and at home. The main thing is to take care of snacks and drinks, as well as about music suitable for the evening. Sincere conversations with girlfriends about the heavy female share and peasant goats can not do without a heartbreaking melody. Do not forget about gifts to your friends, because the presents, even small ones, are so nice to receive! If fantasy allows, come up with entertainment for your girlfriends. It can be a guessing on the runes or cards, a game of revelation, a cheerful psychological test and so on. In general, the scenario of the development of events depends only on you!

Scenario concert by March 8 for children

Many of the girls who recently (or long ago)become mothers, worry not only about how to celebrate the women's day by themselves, but also to please their girls. Matins are held in kindergartens and schools, the organization of which, often, falls on the shoulders of parents. March 8, the script should be not only fun, but also exciting, rich and interesting. You should enable girls not only to participate in contests, but also to show themselves in all its glory. A matinee may contain an element of a concert. Girls and boys will show the numbers that they prepared for their grandmothers and mothers. Speakers with songs, dances and poems children will certainly please their loved ones. If the idea of ​​the concert is too primitive, you can arrange an entertaining program for the children with the participation of puppets and actors. Clowns, dolls and cartoon characters will amuse kids with contests, games and their performances.

Romantic March 8. Scenario for two.

Do not succumb to stereotypes and be confidentin that on March 8 - it's necessarily girlfriends, booze and unrestrained fun. If you have a young man, a holiday weekend is a great chance to spend the evening alone. With a loved one you can go to a cozy restaurant, a movie or even go for a ride on downhill skiing. The script of the holiday depends on you and only on you. On this day you have no right to prevent anyone.

In fact, when choosing whom to celebrate on March 8, do not forget about the main person in your life - about your mother. It is for Mom to make this holiday the best and most beautiful in the world!

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