How to choose a baby carriage.

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And how to choose a baby carriage?This question torments many future mothers who still have to learn that it is not so easy to do it. Numerous manufacturers offer a huge number of models. Therefore, it is very difficult not to get confused and choose exactly what you need. Before answering the question of how to choose a baby carriage, you need to determine the approximate amount of money that you are willing to spend on such an acquisition. This significantly narrow the range of firms and models.

In addition, future mothers should choosestrollers in advance. This is an excellent reason to drop all kinds of superstitions and prejudices, such as "not to buy in advance" and enjoy the search for a vehicle for the baby. Remember that in most cases you will walk with the child and carry the wheelchair and no one but you. Of course, except for those rare and happy days when you will be able to persuade to go out for a walk of a newly made dad or a caring grandmother. That's why, you have to choose a wheelchair that will suit you in every way. Start your research long before the day of the expected delivery. If you are interested in how to choose a stroller for a newborn, ask those women who have already become moms, read reviews about wheelchairs on the Internet and just listen to your intuition.

A large number of women agree thatthe most suitable option is a cradle. It always has a hard bottom, which is extremely necessary for the normal development of the children's spine, as well as a very comfortable design. The cradle of such strollers, as a rule, is spacious and wide, which increases the level of comfort. And thanks to the presence of high boards and a large hood the child is protected from cold, wind and exhaust gases. Stroller-cradles have large wheels, soft suspension and good cushioning, and this makes it easy to move them along the steps and rock the child while riding. In addition, the cradle is almost always removable, so you can safely put it on the balcony for a walk on bad days or go with it to the clinic by car. The disadvantages of these wheelchairs are called heavy weight and the fact that after six months of use you will have to buy another vehicle that allows the child to sit. But numerous reviews make it clear that these shortcomings look insignificant compared to the merits.

Variant-alternative is a stroller transformerfor the newborn. It is easily used right up to the moment when the child is three years old due to the possibility of transforming the sleeper into a seat. The advantage of such carriages is that, depending on the season, you can facilitate it by removing numerous removable parts. There is also a flip-up handle, which allows you to change the position of the baby in relation to the mother. But, unfortunately, according to parents, transformers have more flaws than merits. First, they have a small and low cradle, in which the child is simply cramped. Secondly, these strollers are cumbersome and massive. Thirdly, they have not too good depreciation and the possibility of motion sickness of the child is bad.

Parents who are interested in how to choosea stroller for a newborn, ask about wheelchairs "2 in 1", as well as "3 in 1". This design assumes the installation instead of the cradle of the walking block or car seat. Of course, in this case you do not have to buy a second stroller, but there are also many disadvantages. The design has a lot of weight, besides it is inconvenient to store at home, so it takes up a lot of space.

Currently, most parentsthe optimal variant is the purchase of a cradle-carriage first, and then the choice of a second vehicle. Strollers for newborns are not suitable, but from the age of six months they make it easier for moms to make their life easier thanks to their light weight and to introduce some element of novelty. The most important thing is that you do not hurry and make an informed choice.

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