How to learn early pregnancy and is it possible to do it at all?

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The question of how to find out the pregnancy on an earlyterm, quite scrupulous. Really reliable result can not be obtained in any way. Since at the earliest possible time, it is possible to reliably testify about pregnancy or its absence only in terms of the content of chorionic gonadotropin. It is a gonadotropic agent, a hormone that is of the placental type. In women, this substance enhances and speeds up the synthesis of estrogens, promotes the formation of the yellow body and ovulation.

How can I find out about pregnancy?
To find out the period of pregnancy, even if it is inexpressibleit is possible, having handed over the analysis on the maintenance of a considered hormone which represents a sample of a blood from a vein. But its high content in the blood can speak not only of happy news. This fact can speak about the onset of menopause, ovarian teratoma (- (- s), endocrine disorders, etc.).

And now consider the syndromes that talk about an alleged pregnancy.

How to find out early pregnancy
Measurement of basal temperature.Start the measurement is a couple of days before the onset of menstruation. In general, the entire menstrual cycle is divided into two phases: before and after the ovulation process. Both phases are practically the same in duration. So, the duration of the second is no more than eighteen days. And if ovulation still occurred, the basal temperature, no doubt, will rise to thirty-seven degrees or slightly higher. Closer to the arrival of menstruation, she must fall again, and if this has not happened within three weeks, then the onset of pregnancy is likely.

Despite the common opinion that the basal temperature is to be measured in the rectum, it can also be measured in the mouth (about five minutes) or the vagina (three minutes is enough).

But the question of how to find out the pregnancy onearly, still remains open even when basal temperature is measured. As it can increase as a result of disease, alcohol intake, after sexual intercourse and even after taking some medicines or dietary supplements.

Measurements should be made in the morning, immediately after a night's sleep, without even getting up to bed. But to shake a mercury thermometer is necessary on the eve, in the evening.

The main manifestations of successful conception are absolutely necessary for everyone who is looking for an answer to the question of how to find out a pregnancy at an early age.

  • Delay.Gynecologists can diagnose pregnancy on examination only in the second or third week of menstruation. As such, it also does not give 100% guarantee of an interesting situation. But it is with this symptom that we should assume the probability of pregnancy.
  • Toxicosis. It implies nausea, sometimes vomiting. Most often it can occur in the early stages, but it may not "come" at all.
    Learn the length of pregnancy
  • Chest pain. When the hormonal background changes due to pregnancy, pain in the mammary glands may appear.
  • Lower abdominal pain. Weakly informative attribute, but in combination with others there is to be.
  • A significant increase in the amount of liquidvaginal discharge is also a kind of answer to the question of how you can learn about pregnancy. The liquid is a clear substance, absolutely odorless.
  • Enhancement of emotions. Drowsiness, irritability, etc.

That's almost all!How to find out early pregnancy? Just! If this period exceeds three weeks. But otherwise, using the above tips, you can only guess about the onset of conception.

Good luck with such a hard question!

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