Congratulations on the 16th birthday of the boy. What to say and wish?

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Sixteenth birthday - significant datein the life of any guy. Of course, because the school is almost over, and the head is more and more circling new opening prospects. What should be the congratulations on the boy's 16th birthday? Do not forget that it is at this age that your opinion, views on life and awareness of your own "I" become stronger.

Congratulations on the boy's 16th birthday - choose the right words

On this holiday, first, refrain fromdifferent notations, it is not necessary to lead a child to the example of parents and other relatives. Congratulations on the boy's 16th birthday should indicate that a new period of his life has come - the one when he became a boy. You can subtly hint that it is also time to take many decisions on your own and take responsibility for your actions and words. Many children enter this period in the student life. That is why congratulations on the boy's 16th birthday should indicate that he is already a mature full-fledged person.

A good option, by the way, is the wish for the birthday man in verse. For example, this:

You are only sixteen years old.

And nothing is impossible for you.

We wish you good luck, happiness,

And let your house bypass all the bad weather.

Love you a huge, boundless,

And you live on and on "excellent"!

congratulations on the 16th anniversary of the boy

Remind me that the guy is already an adult ...

Congratulations on the boy's 16th birthday cookin advance. Point out in it that he is walking today almost into adulthood. Therefore, it is worth noting the so-called "children's" congratulations. Choose "adult" words, although you can add a little youth slang (within reason).

Come up with as many congratulations as possible for the Daybirth of a child. They will sound throughout the holiday - at the table, in the intervals between dances, competitions and other entertainments. Greetings can be picked up and ready.

congratulations on the boy's 16th birthday

Remind in your congratulationsinterests of the guy. If he likes sports - wish for great achievements in him. If you have the talent of a talented author - wish already this year to start writing a famous novel in the future. If he likes everything unusual, unconventional - think over and the original presentation of your speech (for example, read your congratulations unexpectedly in the loudspeaker, etc.)

... But let's feel your love too

However, congratulations on the boy's 16th birthday in proseor verses should still be imbued with your tenderness and warmth. Of course, the birthday boy is no longer a child. However, he is also not an adult. This is how this "difficult" age is characterized. The guys at this moment tend to appear more independent and more mature. They want to show their importance and independence. Nevertheless, soften a bit of your words. Give the culprit to celebrate at least a small degree of feeling like a boy.

congratulations on the boy's 16th birthday in prose

And consider all the wishes of the birthday man

Congratulations on the boy's 16th birthday - funny andserious, short and long, in prose and verse - they all have to meet the guy's preferences. Think about what you would like to hear. Try not to catch anything and not offend the birthday boy. "Transitional" age is still a difficult period. Therefore, drawing up a congratulation for adults may seem to be not the easiest task. Much easier to deal with this will be peers of the originator of the celebration. However, knowing the birthday person well, you do not have to puzzle over beautiful and original phrases for a long time. You will cope with this task and be able to achieve an excellent result. Especially if your birthday boy does not know himself, what exactly he wants, as it often happens in teenagers! Just show a little imagination, and you can give him a few pleasant minutes.

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