How to dress a newborn in the summer and what clothes will be most comfortable

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Daylight saving time is a hot time. The baby needs to be dressed in such a way that it does not overheat, but it does not get cold from an accidental draft or a light wind during a walk. I would like to elaborate on the selection of clothes for the youngest children up to 3 months. After all, their thermoregulation of the body is still imperfect and requires constant assistance. How to dress a newborn in the summer, we will tell in this article.

how to dress a newborn in summer

What clothes for a newborn to choose for a summer home

The kid needs a good growth and developmentcomfort. His clothes should be spacious, sewn from natural materials without rigid seams and inconvenient neckline cuts. This is especially important in the summer. The best room temperature is 21-23 degrees. With her on the baby enough to wear a suit of cotton, a light cap or a thin diaper and raspashonku. How to dress a newborn in the summer, if the temperature in the room is slightly higher? You can put on a crumb a light T-shirt, panties, socks. Or let the baby sleep naked. You can cover it with a thin diaper. Do not forget to make sure that there are no drafts in the room. They are the cause of summer colds in children. To make sure that the baby is not cold, touch his nose and neck. The skin should be dry and warm. If the newborn sweats or seems cold, then the clothes are picked up incorrectly, so you need a more suitable kit.

How to dress a newborn for a summer walk

 how to dress a newborn for a walk

If the weather outside the window is hot, then for a walkthe kid can be dressed in a cotton jersey, panties or a diaper, socks, a light bonnet. Putting a newborn baby naked on the street is not recommended even at high temperatures. The fact that summer clothing is designed to repel heat and ultraviolet rays, protection from parasites and midges, dust. Let the baby take air baths without clothes in a well-ventilated room, and not for a walk. There may be a question about how to dress a newborn in the summer in cool weather? With you on the road you need to grab another set of clothes. It should include a warm blouse, panties, a hat, a thin envelope or a blanket. After all, the weather can change quickly enough, and the baby should be protected from the temperature drop.

What you need to buy for a newborn in the summer in a wardrobe

what you need to buy for a newborn in the summer

The amount of purchased summer clothes will depend onon what parenting style parents will choose. If the mother is a supporter of natural education, then diapers and gauze diapers will need 15-20 pieces. If the mother plans to dress the baby immediately in the sliders, panties and panties, you will need to buy 15-20 sliders. This amount will be significantly less if you use disposable diapers.

Here's what you need to buy for a newborn in the summer:

  • 4 loafers made of light cotton cloth;
  • 15-20 pieces of thin diapers or panties;
  • 2 light bonnets;
  • 3 pairs of cotton socks;
  • 3 pairs of glove-mittens;
  • 2 thin summer suits or shorts, body;
  • 1 warm suit of dense cotton or fine wool;
  • 1 warm hat;
  • several warm nappies for shelter and underlaying;
  • one easy envelope for a walk on a rainy day.

With such a set of clothes you will have the answer to the question: "How to dress a newborn in the summer?" Observe the temperature regime - and your baby will be happy on warm summer days.

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