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Today, a tie on the neck of a modern mancauses respect and emphasizes the status of the owner. Important in wearing a tie is not only the knot with which it is tied, but also the style corresponding to the general appearance of the person. Since the creation of the accessory, more than a hundred ways of tying it up have been invented, in our days, according to the fashion, about ten methods have remained relevant. Men, in turn, do not seek to complicate the morning ritual and are looking for the easiest way to tie a tie.

the easiest way to tie a tie

The choice matters

In order to tie properly and beautifully sitting,when choosing it is necessary to take into account its shape and color. Each tie has its own size. A wide tie will be appropriate for a man of impressive size. The length of this accessory is determined by the height of the person and the complexity of the knot. The face of a man, as well as the color of his eyes, play an equally important role in the purchase of a tie. Soft oval lines will suit a person prone to fatness. A tie with a geometric pattern will look good on a man with an oriental face and a strong-willed chin. Any man needs to know how to tie a tie. A simple method will be considered separately.

The color range of products offeredmanufacturers, is boundless. The color of the tie should be combined with the men's clothing sets. The classic strip is in harmony with the herringbone suit or a blue shirt. A plain tie is suitable for a shirt with a large pattern. Minor impregnations on the male accessory are appropriate for an important meeting or meeting.

how to tie a tie in a simple way

Tips for the proper wearing of a tie

There are many ways to wear a tie. And yet, having bought or received it as a gift, you are trying to remember the easiest way to tie a tie. Before creating a node, you need to know several rules for wearing the product:

- the length of the tie with the knot should allow to cover the buckle from the belt;

- A sufficient width of the product is about 9 centimeters;

- the knot should be without excess folds and tightened;

- tie a tie you need on the collar of your shirt, not in your hands;

- do not pull the fabric to avoid deformation.

Here are some examples from which you can choose the easiest way to tie a tie.

Easy way: small knot

Tying a knot on a tie is not so difficult asit may seem initially. The main thing is to perform sequential actions corresponding to the name of the node. Since nodes are different in a separate element in the tying sequence. Otherwise, tying a tie in one way, in the end you can get another.

Consider the tying of a small node. First, place the necktie on the neck and lower the wide part below the narrow one. Second, unfold it with the inside outwards and draw under the narrow end by crossing. Then wrap the long end of the narrow part of the tie and lift it up under the neck loop, bringing it forward. The turnover of the wide part created a loop in front of the tie, into which it is necessary to pass the withdrawn end. After that, gently pull on the tied part of the tie, thereby tightening the knot. For young people, this is the easiest way to tie a tie.

the easiest way to tie a tie

A simple or eastern knot

A tie tied with an eastern knot, verysimilar to the method obtained by the small node method. The difference is that the wide part of the tie does not need to be turned from the wrong side, and initially the tie is tied with the underside. The wide part of the product is located on the left side of the neck, then goes to the right side, passing under the narrow end, wrapping it and changing the direction from right to left. Then the wide part should pass under the loop on the neck and come out from above outwards. After this end you need to pass into the loop formed from above and tighten. Ideally, it will look like a tie, tied in this way, on a neck that is snug against the neck. Tie is better to choose from a heavy material with a thin shape. You learned another method, how to tie a tie.

how to tie an easy tie

A simple way to tie is Prince Albert's knot or Double simple

The Prince Albert site differs from a simple nodeits strength, since it is tied in the same way as the eastern knot, with only two turns around the thin part of the tie. The male accessory needs to wrap the neck, the wide part to place a little below the narrow one. The ends are arranged with a cross, then the end of the product, which is wider, wrap around the narrow part twice and enter the last formed loop. After creating the node, it is tightened. The knot looks good on ties of long, made of soft fabric. We considered another easiest way to tie a tie.

how to tie an easy tie

The popular knot of four

Another common and uncomplicated optiontying a tie carries the literal name of "four-in-the-arm". That part of the tie that is wider, on the left, stretch over the narrow part, wrapping it, simultaneously changing direction, from right to left. Then repeat the turn from left to right and thread under the necktie loop, pulling out the wide end. After that, pull the wide part through the loop formed outside and tighten the knot.

the easiest way to tie a tie

We considered several options how to tie a tie. The easy way from the above you can choose, following your desires.

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