A convenient device for a hobby is a self-repairing carpet

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Most kinds of applied creativity thatdevelop at the present time, require perseverance, while it is necessary to produce a considerable amount of parts for the future of the exclusive product. Fans of patchwork, patchwork, scrapbooking, quilting and other kinds of creativity, associated with frequent cutting of paper and fabric, will help a very convenient carpet for cutting self-healing. It is also used by designers and designers when cutting patterns.

self-healing cutting mat

Advantages of rugs

If, while doing your favorite hobby, you oftenyou have to work with scissors, cutting out various details, patterns and patterns, then for sure the fingers of your hands get tired of continuous movement. In this case, a self-healing carpet will help you. The product is rigid, made of PVC and contains several synthetic layers. The stiffness of the material prevents the internal cutting of the mat. External application protects the surface on which the mat is placed without scratching it. Also, it does not allow the material to glide over the mat and, most importantly, has self-healing properties, due to which the surface of the product is so elastic that after working with the knife can return to its original position. In this regard, the cutting mat can be reused for a long time without losing its properties. The tool you work with will not be dull, unlike cutting wood or metal. It gently enters the carpet to cut itself self-healing and easily passes along the intended line, without clinging or slipping. Especially easy to work with a rug clerical, collet and rotating roller knives.

cutting mat

Variety of mats

The carpet for cutting is offered mainly ingreen color, but occasionally there are other colors. Mats also vary in size. For example, in patchwork a large size of the mat is needed. Self-healing (450 * 600) cutting mat will be very convenient in working with large pieces of fabrics and various materials. On such a mate, it is convenient to cut the fabric from a common roll. It is also easy to place material with a standard width of 110 cm in two pieces. A large mat is also good in that often finished products are large enough to be truncated and pruned, in this case the work will be much easier with a large mat. The main thing is that your workplace on the table would allow it to be placed. But for scrapbooking, a self-healing A3 (42 * 29.7 mm) mat can be used.

self-healing 450 600 cutting mat


When buying a mat, pay attention to the linesmarkings. For a more convenient work with the material, a measuring ruler is applied to the cutting mat. It can be in inches or inches. Double marking is more practical, since it is more convenient for our skilled workers to work with centimeters. In addition to straight lines, corners can be applied at 45 degrees or more. Also on separate rugs are applied radii of various sizes, diameters, circles. Very comfortable mats, having a 360 degree rotating base. They allow you to process the part from all sides, without unfolding the material and changing its position in the work. The downside is that it can be an addition to the main mat, since it performs a certain stage in the process of creating the product.

self-healing cutting mat

Tips for using and storing the mat

Carpet for cutting self-renewingcorrects cuts only on the top layer of the mat. Therefore, try not to press the knife deeply and do not cut the products in one place. The large size of the mat makes it possible to change the position of the material. During work, slightly move the fabric, this will allow the mat to quickly recover and serve you for a long time. Cutting mats are afraid of high temperatures. So do not put mugs with hot drinks on them and do not keep them nearby, at the risk of pouring liquid on both the mat and the material. And the more so do not try to iron the finished products on it.

self-healing a3

Keep carpets horizontally orvertically (you need to hang it on specially adapted hooks). Just for the cabinet to put it is not recommended, since it will bend and it will be impossible to restore it. Also, it will be deformed if you place heavy objects on it, for example, sewing machines or drawers with a tool.

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