The first day in kindergarten: how to help the baby learn?

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Even the most experienced psychologist neverwill tell you how your little son or daughter will behave when you first visit the kindergarten. But still, sooner or later, each kid will have to go to this institution, which means that parents will need to prepare for the solution of probable problems in advance. What he, the first day in kindergarten and how to help the child get used to the new environment and environment?

How to start acquaintance with the kindergarten?

The first day in kindergarten
Try to explain in advance to the baby that absolutelysoon he will spend some time in the kindergarten. Explain clearly and in detail what kind of place it is. As arguments, you can use the need to prepare for school or recall that in the kindergarten you can play with other kids in common games, there are many new toys. Remind your child that he will be able to learn many new and interesting things. In advance or on the first day in the kindergarten together with the baby, go around the territory of the institution, do not forget to get acquainted with the nurse and tutor. Do not forget to tell and warn the baby about everything. If in the early days, when you bring you to the kindergarten, you will throw it there, quickly running away on business and not promising to return, at best the child will take offense at you. In the worst, he will feel unnecessary and unloved, and for a long time will close in himself.

How to spend 1 day in kindergarten?

1 day in kindergarten
All children's psychologists recommend leavingbaby at first half a day in the garden, and only when he gets used - until the evening. However, some children at the sight of new toys and a large number of peers themselves forget about their mother and run away to play. But another baby can easily arrange a hysterics. If the first day in kindergarten causes horror for your child, try to stay with him in this unusual institution for him. But know that not all the gardens will allow you to be present because of the existing rules. If you are not allowed to be in the territory of a pre-school institution, take the baby on the first day after the morning walk. Gradually increase the length of the child's stay in the garden, and in a week and a half he will stay there for the whole day.

We send the child to the kindergarten according to all the rules

We send the child to a kindergarten
On the eve of the trip to the garden, prepare all necessarythings, include in the charges and the main character - your child. Bring a set of clean linen, change shoes, napkins or an ordinary handkerchief, a comb. If you need anything else, you will most certainly be told in the garden itself. In the morning, do not forget to take your baby's favorite toy. Do not be lazy to get up early, the fees on the first day in the kindergarten should not take place in a hurry. Try on the road to introduce the baby in the course of the case, tell me what you will do, and name the time when you will come. But say goodbye to the baby quickly, kiss it, wish a good day and leave. Even if the child begins to be capricious, do not try to convince him or calm him. Believe me, an experienced teacher will do it better than you do. When you come to pick up the baby, ask how his first day passed in the kindergarten. Show interest in the story, praise the child for the fact that he so quickly and quickly became accustomed to the new environment. But if the first day did not cause enthusiasm, try to convince the baby to try to be more friendly with other children.

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