German Shepherd Dog: the pros and cons of the breed

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Are you planning to buy a German shepherd? Then we will tell you about this breed in detail, as a result of which you will be able to decide exactly whether it suits you or not. This breed was obtained as a result of the crossing and breeding of some German German dogs.

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Now let's talk about what the German shepherd looks like, we will consider the pros and cons of this breed.

german shepherd pluses and minuses
Outwardly it is a large dog with a tough thickwool, which fits snugly to the body. There is an undercoat. Back firm, strong. Eyes of medium size, almond-shaped. The head is wedge-shaped with narrowly set ears. Nose straight, without hump, lobe black. According to the breed standards, the ears should stand upright, and keep in parallel.

German Shepherd Dog: the pros and cons of the breed

  • Such a dog is very smart and true to its owner. In all the turmoil, she will protect him.
  • She gets on well with the children. German Shepherds play with kids with great pleasure, while they understand that it is impossible to show aggression towards them.
  • It is unpretentious in a feed.
  • You can keep in the apartment, because the German Shepherd is not as big as, for example, Mastiff or St. Bernard.
  • Such a dog has a comfortable temperament. She is calm, moderately playful.
  • The German Shepherd is distinguished by a balanced character. From such dogs, beautiful guards, bodyguards are obtained. Quite a lot of German shepherds serve in the police.
  • This dog is mobile, so you need to walk with itseveral times a day and for a long time. If you do not have the opportunity to spend a couple of hours a day on walks with a pet, then for you, its activity is a minus. Do you like to travel and walk in the park? Then the ideal partner in this business will, of course, be a German shepherd.
  • This dog, as you understand, is quite large. Its growth at the withers is about 61 cm, and weight - 30 kg. Therefore, during active games with her bruises are not ruled out.

German Shepherd Dog

Having considered what a German shepherd looks like, the prosand minuses of the breed listed, you need to touch on another important point - education and training. If mistakes were made during this, the behavior of the dog may become uncontrollable.


Puppies of the German Shepherd, photos of which you canlook below, outwardly very similar to each other, but each of them has its own character. Therefore, choosing a pet, pay attention to the way this or that kid behaves: he is afraid and shakes or is bold and merry. And then decide which of the wonderful lumps you need.

From the first days of life, communicate with him, as withan adult dog, otherwise problems may arise in the future. Training can start from three months. Pay special attention to training, as without it you will get a lazy and aggressive dog. The German Shepherd is a fine breed, possessing many good qualities, but it is necessary to bring up such dogs carefully. In some cases, the help of a qualified cynologist may be required.

puppies of the German Shepherd Dog photo


We tried to tell the most important thing about the breed, like the German Shepherd. Pros and cons of it have been discussed in detail in the article, so that you can make the right choice.

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