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Long winter evenings just created for communicationin a friendly or family circle. So it was in accordance with the Christian calendar and centuries-old traditions that the most part of January is given to holidays: from the Nativity of Christ on Epiphany. In the olden days this time was free from peasant work and the people selflessly gave themselves to wild fun and entertainment. We have come to the customs of "common folk antiquities" associated with these days, which are called Saints or Saints.

In our days, more holidays have been added to the church holidays.and secular: the New Year (which comes in some contradiction with the Orthodox tradition, as it falls on Christmas time) and (very strange holiday!) Old New Year. It turns out, the festive twenty-day period lasts from January 1 to 19. Often the family spends time, passing from a plentiful feast to the couch in front of the TV and back. But it is possible to make Holy Days a reason for interesting creative communication of all generations of the family. A family holiday can be continued for more than a day, if you think about and create an original scenario. Christmas trees will be remembered for you and your children as a happy time spent together.

We know what traditions were observed in thesewinter holidays ... Scenario "Winter Christmas" can include a merry feast, and night divination, and rides guests, and home performances or concerts, and caroling.

On the eve of the holiday, the whole family shouldtraditions to decorate the house and the Christmas tree. This event for any child should become a ritual that brings him closer to adults. The amazing wood scent of the tree, the glitter of tinsel and toys create a solemn and fabulous atmosphere in the house. It is necessary to decorate the tree with the whole family, this should provide for your scenario: Christmas holidays begin with warmth and love in the house.

The feast does not seem to represent anycomplexities. But all the same it is necessary to remember, that Christmas treats will be especially tasty if the family before the fast kept. There is some charm in having the whole family look forward to the rise of the first star, and with her appearance sit at the table. Meat dishes, sweet pies and other treats will be all the more pleasant the longer you wait for permission to eat them.

Christmas with the children must visitchurch. We must not forget the main reason for the celebration. It is with Christmas and the Christmas Eve begins. The scenario of the holiday must necessarily provide for its educational and cognitive aspects. Therefore, prepare a theatrical performance with the children. Tradition tells us the material for the production: the birth of Christ, the events of Christmas night. There are many poems, songs dedicated to this event. And if you study them with children, then the holiday will give not only entertainment, but also knowledge of Orthodox culture.

The custom of visiting mummers and caroling will beautifyyour festive scenario. Christmas time is a time for good communication with loved ones and even strangers. In ancient times, it was customary to dress up in the most amazing outfits and in such an unusual form to go to visit. The mummers always waited and accepted with enthusiasm. Try to revive this tradition in your family, and the holiday will be remembered for you and children for life.

The same fun and interesting can be anda ritual of caroling. On holy days in all homes, it is customary to expect occasional guests who want to glorify Christ. Good housewives cook some goodies, gifts for caroling. But for children this tradition should not be self-serving. It should be explained that the purpose of such visits is, first of all, the good news about the birth of Christ, therefore it is important to prepare for this, to learn the Christmas troparia, poems and songs.

And one more interesting point can be made infamily festive script. Christmas, holy evenings were filled with the expectation of a miracle, of magic. Therefore, it was so often in these evenings and nights that they tried to look into the future. The Orthodox Church does not approve of the tradition of divination, and it is important to organize it as a fun game and not take seriously the results of divination.

The series of holidays with the Baptism is coming to its end. And this day is accompanied by bright memorable events. But the festive worship service in the church should become obligatory again. It is important to remember and get the children to understand that Christmas Eve is not an excuse for idleness and plentiful feasts, but a time for spiritual purification and regeneration.

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