Baby seat: how many years and what?

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Everyone who has a car and has becomeparent, from the first days of life the child will have to purchase a child seat. How many years is the baby supposed to ride in it? What threatens those who have not purchased this device? This will be discussed in our article.

baby seat up to how many years

So, first find out where it says that you need to have a child seat in the car, how many years in it should the child ride and what penalty for non-compliance with this rule.

Article 12.23 (part 1) of the Code of Administrative Violations "Violation of rules for the transport of people ..." refers to an administrative fine of 500 rubles, and paragraph 22.9 of the SDA states that the transportation of a child is possible only if it is provided for its safety. This takes into account the design features of the car. Now let's take a closer look at this provision about such an item as a child seat.

Since how many years it should be used?From the very first days of the life of the child, that is, when the wife meets the maternity hospital by car, the happy father must have a so-called auto-car with him. Now, children's chairs for up to a year are sold in almost every specialized store for kids. They come in different designs - both simple and cheap, and more expensive. The child in this chair is lying down (usually with a special tab) or half-sitting. More expensive models are equipped with a cover on the legs, a visor and a winter envelope. Modern avtollyki can even be put on the wheelbase from a baby stroller - many models provide this.

It is convenient to use the car and at home, ifto your kid till half a year. Just put it in the device, lift the handle so that it is over the child's head, hang bright toys and ribbons on it. Most children's car seats up to a year can be used as a rocking chair. You can not buy a chaise longue and use such a child seat instead.

baby chair with skate years

How many years must children move incar seat? Modern designs of these devices are designed for different weight categories of children and are divided into 6 classes, from 0 kilograms to 36 kilograms, which corresponds to the six-year age of the child.

From the age of 6 and up to 12 years of age incars with seat belts, you must use a special child restraint. It should match the parameters of the baby - weight and height. If the child is moving in the back seat, you can use special straps on the seat belt. If you really want to ride your child under the age of 12 in the front seat, this is only possible with the use of special child restraints. In the back seat of a motorcycle to 12 years old, your child also can not drive.

child seats up to a year

What is dictated by such an age frame as12 years? The fact is that all seat belts in all cars are designed for passengers with a height of more than one and a half meters, and therefore can not provide adequate protection of the child in an emergency situation. If a small child is simply fastened with an ordinary adult seatbelt, which in this case will pass through the neck or head area, in case of severe braking the baby will get serious injuries.

The most serious injuries in an accident are children,which during the movement were in the hands of the parents, so get a child seat! How many years should it be used? At least to 6, then you can do with an inexpensive holding device.

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