Do I need to design in kindergarten?

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"Constructing", in Latin, means building, i.e. Different objects or their elements and parts are brought into a definite relationship.

In the concept of "construction in kindergarten"different buildings are understood from a variety of materials, i.e. manufacture of hand-made articles from wood, paper, natural materials, cardboard, etc. In character, it is similar to a game or visual activity, because in a game form reflects the surrounding reality. Not infrequently children's crafts serve for a certain practical use, i.e. are performed for a specific purpose: for decoration, for playing, as a gift to parents, etc.

Therefore, design in kindergarten - is the work of children, aimed at obtaining a specific real product.

At the same time, designing in a kindergarten takesa significant place, since it is conducted with children of all ages and has very wide opportunities for labor, moral, intellectual, aesthetic education, being a difficult activity for children.

What are the types of construction in kindergarten.

It can be technical and visual, and each of them has its own peculiarities and requires a certain approach.

Whatever types of construction in kindergarten are not used, they must be playful during the whole process of children's work and have their own characteristics.

At the same time, designing in a kindergartenis made of different materials: from building materials; from cardboard, paper, boxes, etc .; from natural material. Construction of building gaming materials is the easiest and most accessible kind for preschoolers. For each lesson, we develop our own design methodology in the kindergarten, depending on the age category of the children, their skills and abilities.

There are many different sets for differentages of children for all age groups of the kindergarten. It can be table sets, sets for games in the yard or on the floor. Among them there are thematic sets, used as a kind of material that is independent for design.

Along with building sets, various designers are used.

To a more complex kind in a kindergarten carry designing from a cardboard, a paper or boxes and acquaint with it for the first time children in an average group.

Before you make a craft, you need to preparepattern, prepare and fix the details on it, make cuts and only then collect and glue together. Here you need to measure and use the scissors.

Natural material is used to play childrensecond younger group. To begin such activities, snow, sand and water are suitable. From raw sand you can build a house, road, hill; using molds and sandboxes - oven pies, etc. older children can prepare colored ice cubes by freezing colored water; to make snowmen, slides, beasts, etc. from the snow.

In the middle group, children make crafts made of natural material.

A certain technique of designing in a kindergarten is selected, allowing to achieve the desired results.

During such games, children acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, develop sensory and mental abilities of children, as well as mental activity.

Constructive activity gives practicalknowledge of the properties of various bodies and their relationships in space, enriching speech with new concepts and teaching them to use them correctly: long - short, big - small, low - tall, narrow - wide, and right - left, above - under, behind - Down - up, closer, etc.

At the same time, independence, diligence, initiative, organization, perseverance, necessary to achieve the goal are formed.

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