Congratulations to the teacher on her birthday in poetry and prose

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On the life path of each child is foundsuch a person as the first teacher. It directly depends on who the baby will grow, what he will be interested in, how he will learn. First-graders often copy the behavior of the first mentor, his manner of communication. Girls try to dress the same way as the beloved teacher.

happy birthday of the first teacher

Mentor and friend

A teacher who is genuinely in love with his profession -A real gift for the parents of a first-grader. Such a teacher will be able to win love and respect from his pupils, help them understand the importance and significance of studies. It is for such teachers that children write the first poems, make films, compose tales to make an unusual congratulation to an expensive teacher on her birthday. First-graders love their "second mothers" sincerely, they trust their most secret secrets and problems. Each child is preparing a congratulation to the teacher on her birthday, invests in him a deep meaning.

Happy birthday to the teacher from the student

How to please your teacher

Not all children know how to write poetry, but they do italways so diligently that the efforts will necessarily be noticed by the teacher. A small congratulation to the teacher on her birthday can be made in prose. The main thing that it does not have a fake, the rest of the mentor is absolutely not important. To help children often come parents, and together they come up with congratulations on the birthday of a primary school teacher. Such a joint creative work brings children closer to mothers and fathers, creates a real creative team, the result of the work will be an original congratulatory speech. A gift made by oneself will be an excellent addition to the said words. For example, from ordinary cardboard, colored paper, you can make a unique vase with flowers, add it with the inscription "Happy birthday to the teacher from the student". Such a postcard teacher will keep his whole life. Looking at neatly carved roses, with tenderness and love, the first teacher will remember her pupil.

Congratulations in verse

Those children who are fond of poetry, it's easyto compose poems with a birthday teacher. In them, you can invest respect, love, care for your teacher. We offer several variants of poetic congratulations for the mentor.

Your mother brought us to your class,

You were so kind to us.

You are our steel angel

In a quiet taiga wilderness.

You have given your tenderness,

Love and care for us,

We listened to you and loved you,

For this, thank you.

Today is your day, you are beautiful,

Shine like a moon,

For us you are sun and happiness,

Let your life be bright.

Such poems on the birthday of the teacher say a lot: gratitude, love, caring for your teacher from the students. They necessarily like the mentor, because they are written from the heart.

Here is another version of the poetic congratulationsfor the teacher. You can take ready-made strings or come up with their own original greeting. The sample can be used as a template.

Favorite teacher, friend and friend,

Today you are in the spotlight.

We congratulate you, smile around.

We wish you prosperity.

Let the children please, they pamper their relatives.

Colleagues are proud of their success,

You are the best teacher, reliable friend,

Happy holiday, birthday.

You can read these verses:

"Teacher" is a word of honor.

More important is no profession on earth.

We love you, we trust you.

We appreciate, take care,

We want a smile on my face.

But on the day this warm birthday of your

We want to wish you health, love.

Let the heart always be only tender,

And in life there will be no sadness and no lies.

congratulations to the teacher on her birthday

Congratulations in prose

Not everyone can come up with a beautiful greeting.a teacher with a birthday in a poetic form. You can make a beautiful text, write it on a beautiful postcard made by yourself, and solemnly hand over to your favorite teacher. What can be included in the greeting text? For example, the words of congratulations on the birthday of a primary school teacher can be: "Dear Maria Vitalievna (name and patronymic of the teacher). Congratulations on your birthday. We wish you warmth, good health, good and well-mannered disciples. " In addition to individual congratulations, you can also make a collective postcard, having issued it as a beautiful registered letter. Each child will be able to include in such a general congratulation his words of recognition to his beloved mentor.

We congratulate teachers on the original

Kids love holidays with moving games,funny contests, tea drinking. Why not hold such an event in the classroom, giving it the name "Happy Birthday to the First Teacher". Training can involve parents, other teachers, professional actors. Guys can prepare their favorite mentor verses, songs, make crafts from auxiliary materials. For the holiday will take the leading, best of all, if they become disciples of the originator of the celebration. Such an event, in which children, parents and colleagues will be involved, will become a real benefit for the teacher of primary classes.

poems on the birthday of the teacher

Holiday in nature

In addition to beautiful poems, gifts, one of thevariants of the teacher's unusual congratulation will be a joint trip (or trip) to nature. Such an event will bring together the culprit of the celebration with its pupils, parents. All organizational arrangements can be taken by parents, the children's task will be a festive concert, a comic lottery. For example, a birthday girl can be made the queen of the holiday, so that the teacher feels care and attention to himself from the children and parents.


congratulations on the birthday of a teacher of primary school

Teacher's birthday is a wonderful occasion forShowing your love, care, and attention. You do not need to buy expensive gifts, so that the teacher understands how they appreciate and love him. Congratulations, made in-house, poems of his own composition, will be much more pleasant for a mentor than jewelry and expensive flowers.

All the congratulations from the heart,

Sincere and honest,

For a teacher so good,

Pleases the heart and soul.

If you want to congratulate him,

You wish health,

True friends, bright days, and love.

And that there were children around.

A teacher is a person who gives all his love and care to children. Do not take pity on the congratulations to the teacher on her birthday.

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