What to wish a friend for a birthday? Let's understand

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Of course, birthday is a speciala holiday for every person, regardless of how old he is, and also about who he is - a man or a woman. Few people like to celebrate the date of their birth. Still would! After all, this is an extra reason to invite friends, have fun with them for a rich table for rich and delicious meals, dance and just laugh heartily. Coming to the holiday to his own friend, I want to congratulate her beautifully, in an original form, as she deserves the best!

What to wish a friend for the birthday

In this case, not all representatives of the weakThe sex knows what to wish for a friend on her birthday. Often say memorable words of congratulations are much more difficult than choosing a gift for the culprit of the celebration.

Of course, the majority of women on the question,that to wish a friend for a birthday, without hesitation, will say: "Health, happiness and love." And, despite the banality, they will be absolutely right, since the above values ​​for any person are priority.

However, there are often enough situations where even the most common words a woman can misinterpret, seeing in them an insulting hint.

Considering the question of what to wish a friend for a birthday, it is important to remember the following: carefully and carefully choose the words.

Good friend with a birthday
Determine in advance how you aregoing to congratulate her. And if she is crazy about the creativity of Alexander Blok or Sergei Yesenin, then the answer arises by itself - choice should be stopped on the verse version.

Although some believe that it is prose with the daybirth of a girlfriend - this is exactly what you need for an original congratulation. Anyway, this issue is solved individually, depending on the personal preferences of the birthday girl.

What to wish a friend for a birthday, and whatwishes will be given to health, love and happiness, depends also on the nature of the culprit of the celebration. Ambitious and extravagant ladies like congratulations in a joking tone, and shy and silent - touching and sentimental words. Very often for a friend choose congratulations in verses, which to the maximum extent characterize the features of her character. In any case, the wishes of a good friend with a birthday should be warm, kind and sincere.

Prose with a happy birthday girlfriend
In your congratulatory words, you mustthere are those who emphasize the importance of your friendship, as your friend will happily realize that you remember all your "tea" gatherings, when you shared in both moments of joy and sorrow.

It should be remembered that in attempts to congratulate in an original and unusual form, you should not overdo and experiment.

For example, not everyone has the talent forversification, and if you say a phrase that is called "not in rhyme", or you will get a template greeting - then do not expect that the guests will appreciate it. It will be better when you say something "from yourself", without extra pretentiousness and pomposity - so your wishes will be perceived as sincere.

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