Pleasure cane: what to look for when choosing?

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The most successful version of the stroller for babies,starting from six months of age and ending with three years, is a walking cane. It meets all the basic requirements of young parents. Advantages of this type of children's transport are lightness, compactness and maneuverability.

Main Features and Features

A walking cane is a varietystrollers for walking. She quickly gained popularity among young parents. Massively used these strollers begin in the summer. The main reason, thanks to which the rating of these models is growing, is their ease, especially in comparison with universal strollers. This is achieved through a lightweight construction of the frame and the material from which it is made.

Compactness and lightness, which are the basicthe merits of a walking cane, unfortunately, deprive this vehicle of other comfortable advantages. For example, in this version, the visor and the step will not be very functional. As for the backrest, not every walking stick will have its adjustable positions. If there is such a feature, then the length of the sleeping place in the unfolded form will be insufficient for the baby during a long walk.

Walking cane

Functionality and safety

Walking stick, like everyone elsea kind of wheelchair, is equipped with an excellent security system that includes functional belts and handrails. The latter can be easily removed. In such carriages, you can not see a table for the mother or a large shopping cart.

The cane is the most optimal option for long walks in the city, shopping for shops equipped with elevators and escalators.

An ideal option will be a walking cane for young mothers of a fragile build, who have neither the strength nor the ability to transport both the stroller and the child along the staircase.

In addition, the price range of these strollers is quite extensive, and each of the buyers will be able to purchase the option that he can afford.

Choice of stroller: what to look for?

A walking cane, like any other stroller, must satisfy a number of requirements that each individual buyer puts forward. Most often interested in:

  • Product weight.
  • Color palette and price category.
  • Compact and convenient during transportation in the folded form.
  • Presence of adjustment of positions of a back that provides comfortable rest of the kid.
  • Quality of models.
  • The size of the wheels, the quality of the material from which they are made. From them will depend on the patency and maneuverability in conditions of non-ideal sidewalks and impassability.

Walking cane: photo

Walking stick

Among the huge number of market offersit is difficult to choose the best option, not only satisfying functional requirements, but also pleasing to the eye coloring. Before you go to buy it is worth looking at photos of models in various catalogs and choose the ones that fit best.

Walking cane photo

When buying a walking version of the stroller, you need to take into account all the nuances, compare all the pros and cons, and only then make your choice.

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