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Day of the ecologist - a relatively young holiday,which in Russia began to be celebrated very recently. Officially, the Day of the Ecologist was introduced by the order of the President in 2007. In general, ecology and environmental protection are concepts that appeared in our everyday life not very long ago, although the best minds of mankind have been concerned for many years with these questions.

For the first time the term "ecology" was used by the Germanbiologist Haeckel about 150 years ago, defining ecology as a branch of biology. Subsequently, the ecology was awarded the status of science, which determines the relationship between living organisms and plant components in an environment changed by a person (or left unchanged). The concepts of "ecology" and "health" are inextricably linked. After all, polluted by emissions atmospheric air or groundwater often cause various diseases.

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This is what concerns science.But in the everyday life of the inhabitants this concept is often used in phrases of this kind: "ecology is to blame", or "bad ecology". Here, ecology is defined as the totality of habitat conditions, the environment. And this environment does not change for the better, thus attracting the attention of the public, which shows its civic activity by holding various rallies and pickets. These actions are aimed at protecting their health and maintaining a livable environment. Therefore, the profession of the ecologist becomes more popular.

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The work of an ecologist is not easy, because not allcitizens understand that the future of our planet depends on each inhabitant. Everyone can contribute to the improvement of living conditions. Today, such an expert as an ecologist is needed at every enterprise and in most organizations. The purpose of this post is to monitor compliance with environmental legislation in business units and contact with regulatory authorities (public authorities). In addition, many environmental volunteers participate in various actions (such as cleaning sea water and saving animals from spilled oil or environmental education of residents).

For the benefit of environmental protection today are workingwhole departments and ministries. These include, in particular, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Rosprirodnadzor, the Environmental Prosecutor's Office, the Committee and the Department of Nature Management. In addition, some enterprises specialize in preserving normal ecology: they create equipment used to protect the natural environment, develop various projects that can minimize the negative impact on nature.

Day of the ecologist is celebrated on June 5.It was on this day that the UN held the first environmental conference. It was in 1972, and from next year this date became World Environment Day. The establishment of this holiday is a way of drawing people's attention to issues and problems of ecology. This holiday is accompanied by various "green" actions and pickets, in schools - by children's drawings contests on the topic of nature protection.

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But Ecologist's Day is not only professionala holiday, a holiday of all people who are not indifferent to their future and future descendants. On this day I would like to wish everyone fresh air, clear water and clean earth. In addition, it is simply necessary to urge the population to pay even more attention to the issues of preserving the favorable natural environment, protecting all living things and our ecological future!

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