A dog has a tick: what can I do to help an animal?

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Ticks are arthropods, which are dangerous forOur pets, as they are carriers of pyroplasmosis. Therefore, dog owners must carry out the treatment of their pets by special means. Ticks are active in the warm season. As a rule, they attack dogs during walks in places overgrown with tall grass. After each walking, be sure to inspect the animal for the presence of ticks. If you find this insect in a dog, do not try to get it out, since you can only pull out the body, and the head remains - it will cause inflammation.

dog mite what to do
The dog has a tick. What should I do to help her?

There are many adaptations thatare intended for the safe mechanical removal of parasites. With their help, you can extract an insect in a few seconds, you just need to use them correctly. In appearance, such devices resemble hooks or forceps.

The dog tick: what to do?

If you have a tool, for example, "TickTwister "(a hook for removing parasites), now we will tell how to work with it.This device captures the mite, slightly sips, and then unscrew.

The dog has a tick. What if there is only a thread on hand?

We encircle the insect with a tight thread loop and very slowly start to remove. Do not exert pressure on the body of the parasite, otherwise microbes can get under the skin.

The dog tick: what to do to remove the parasite?

treatment of dogs against ticks

The insect should be dripped with alcohol, gasoline oroil. After a couple of minutes the mite will fall off itself. If this does not happen, then it will weaken the grip, which means that it can be pulled out. It is desirable to use tweezers for these purposes.

Treatment of dogs against ticks - treatment of the affected area of ​​the body

After removal, it is necessary to treat the wound with iodine solution. After that, it takes some time to observe the affected area in order to avoid possible complications.


ticks in dogs treatment

To protect your pet from parasites,you need to use special means: collars (Bolfo, Kiltix, Harz), drops on the withers (Harz, Front Line, Bars, Advantix, Serco), sprays (Defendog) , "Front Line", "Bars"). These drugs are distributed to the hair and skin, not absorbed into the blood of the dog. If the mite contacts the treated hair, it will die. Note that the funds do not give 100% protection against parasites, and its effectiveness depends on how many days have passed since the application. If you intend to travel to nature with a pet, then protective preparations should be used in advance (weeks two to three before the planned departure).

Tips for choosing:

  1. When buying the drug, be sure to check the integrity of the package, as well as the expiration date.
  2. If your dog has a long coat, then the expense of the product is doubled.
  3. When using the spray, you need to process not only the body of the dog, but also the head, paws, as well as the area of ​​the armpits, groin and behind the ears.
  4. If you often bathe your pet, then you need to process it more often.

Now you know what to do if youThey found such parasites as mites in their dogs. In dogs, their treatment takes a short time, but only if parasites are not carriers of pyroplasmosis or another disease. Treat your pet carefully!

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