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The choice of winter shoes should be approached veryReally. Especially it concerns footwear for children. The health and mood of a small person depends on how high-quality and reliable the model turns out to be. JOG DOG - children's shoes, reviews of which say that it meets all the requirements of comfort and safety.

jog dog children's shoes

From the history of the company

The European brand JOG DOG appeared oninternational market in the mid-1980s, when several talented young people who recently graduated from the British Academy of Design joined together in one team and the Italian shoe factory, which was popular at that time, specialized in producing footwear for outdoor activities and sports.

In accordance with the requirements of the time, the JOG brandDOG relied on membrane tissues. Once developed for the space industry, these materials have made a furor in the production of shoes. They are water resistant, able to protect from penetrating wind, vapor permeability.

Children's assortment

Children's shoes JOG DOG is excellentquality. It is made of natural materials. All samples are convenient and practical. This well-known company pays special attention not only to stylistic solutions and quality, but also ecological safety for the health of its small customers.

jog dog children's shoes отзывы

Technologies used

The company JOG DOG in the production of children's shoes uses modern technology, based on years of medical research:

  • the special Fkexpoint line helps the foot to flex perfectly naturally;
  • the sole is soft and does not hinder movement;
  • The Chok Absorder mechanism built into the sole removes the load from the foot.

JOG DOG - children's shoes, which is ideal for a child

The company is constantly working on the creation of newinteresting models. The group of designers and designers of the company JOG DOG is working on it. Children's shoes, feedback about which the company receives from grateful parents, is constantly being improved. The new SCANDIA line is a vivid confirmation. To create it, the most advanced technologies were used:

children's shoes jog dog

  • high-tech membrane;
  • polyurethane sole, thanks to which there is a clutch, which guarantees high stability and full waterproofness;
  • The shoe tested on the anatomical equipment;
  • seams with 100% water and wind resistance;
  • insole, consisting of a 3-layer insulation;
  • materials are tested in scientific research institutes and guarantee the absence of harmful substances;
  • The top of the shoe is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials that significantly increase the service life of the products.

JOG DOG - children's shoes of excellent quality

The company makes not quite typical forRussian market samples. JOG DOG - children's shoes, which is ideal for our climate. Membrane shoes protect the feet of the child from the effects of water. As is known, it is especially dangerous for children to walk with wet feet, their immunity is not yet able to cope with infections on their own. A wonderful company JOG DOG takes care of the health of our kids.

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