Rectangular frame pool: advantages and features of choice

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If you want to organize a zone on your siterecreation, then a rectangular frame pool will be very useful. It has a large number of advantages. First of all, the design of the product is very similar to the stationary one, however it is built much faster and can be disassembled if necessary. The presented pool is more durable than rubber. It can have different sizes and depths.

rectangular frame pool
Rectangular frame pool will be largerall useful for those people who like not just to splash, but to swim. Most models are resistant to frost, so do not dismantle them for the winter. Filling the pool is very simple: just connect the hose to the hole in the structure. The design is very easy to transport and fold. The installation scheme is very easy and understandable. When folded, the product is in several boxes. All elements are made of strong materials, which are difficult to damage or break.

The rectangular frame pool consists offrame (metal), which is put on a soft, but very strong bowl. All filter equipment is located not inside but outside the structure. The average length of such a structure is 6 meters. Although the choice of dimensions should be given the available free area on the site. Naturally, it should be as flat as possible, although a slight bias is allowed.

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Of the additional accessories should be notedfolding ladder, which is sold in the kit with almost every product. Do not mount a very large rectangular frame pool, as care for it will be somewhat difficult. You can install these products on the street and in the building, so they are very convenient to use. They can swim in them, adults and children.

There are several quality and provenmanufacturers of wireframes, one of which is Bestway. Pools of this brand are fully equipped with all the necessary technical devices. In addition, you get additional protection, due to which the bottom of the product is not cut and not rubbed. Rectangular frame pools Bestway are considered very practical and easy to maintain. To clean the structure you are given a net and a brush with a telescopic tube.

rectangular frame pools bestway
From the equipment in the complete set it is deliveredFiltering unit with a scrimmer, pump and bottom vacuum cleaner. It should be noted that one mechanical cleaning of the product is not enough to keep the water clean and pleasant. To do this, it is necessary to use chemical agents, thanks to which the walls of the pool will not appear lime (if the liquid is very hard). And you can protect the water from the appearance of algae.

A rectangular rectangular basin can provide a comfortable rest, while you do not have to spend a lot of time on maintenance. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a guarantee and service.

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