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When parents are looking for ways to be original and interesting to congratulate their child on his birthday, it speaks of their great love for the baby and caring for him. Congratulations on the birthday of children always go from the heart and can not beuninteresting, and it is simply impossible to imagine that anything his parents tried to please does not please their child. And yet, in order to congratulate your child, you must approach it creatively. The usual and, unfortunately, the usual feast is not for children. Here you need to show imagination, in a good sense "to fall into childhood" and come up with something bright, special, fascinating.

In our life, a lot of different holidays andoccasions for congratulations to relatives and friends, as well as our children. Congratulations on the birthday of children - this is such a delicate question that can not be solved so simply without making an effort. Here, you will need a huge amount of time to prepare, choose a gift and an original congratulation, to design the room where you are going to celebrate your child's birthday, and much more.

Loving parents begin to solve thesequestions to make it all happen and as a result to see a happy shine in the eyes of your child, to hear joyful laughter and words of gratitude. Congratulations on the birthday of children include some points that need to be considered and taken into account in advance.

First decide where you will celebrate the daybirth, together with the child discuss the list of guests, because you need to know exactly the number and age of the guests. After you have decided on the location where the celebration will take place, you can safely design its design. These can be balloons, posters with photographs of the birthday man, congratulations in the form of poems, stretching with kind and playful wishes. An original congratulation and an interesting part of the holiday will be a preview of a pre-prepared congratulatory film with photos, of course, the culprit of the celebration and all the guests - his friends and relatives. Another interesting option. In advance it is possible to think up a play-fairy tale (or remake it known to you) for staging it on a holiday. Each of the guests must have a role. The text of the role may be small, and it is better to print it on sheets to distribute to the performers. For each character, you should prepare a simple suit (mask, crown, cloak, etc.). When all the guests have gathered, a dramatized game will begin, which can also be shot on video and then made a film. And it will be an interesting part of birthday congratulations to children.

If you plan a treat, come up with a menu toa solemn day will not be too difficult: the usual fruits, pies, tea or juices - but everything should be cooked and served in an original way, with imagination. This is a creative process, which must be approached with a soul, although in a different way, probably, it will not work either.

Congratulations on birthday for children should always be bright, loud, funny, interesting and always should correspond to tastes and hobbies of the person to whom you are preparing a gift.

Congratulations on the birthday children need to startor finish with the delivery of a box beautifully packed in colored paper, decorated with a bow or balls. The gift must be deployed at a party and examined together. This important moment of the holiday should look especially solemn, so it's good to give the present to the music.

When the gift is already in the hands of the birthday man,say the original greeting. This is either poetry or prose, and if the words spoken this day to your baby will be invented by you, it will be much more interesting.

Congratulations for children with a birthday - this is a special occasion to once again tell your beloved baby tender words, express love, share his joy.

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