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Every boy from a small age shows interest ingames that mimic war and battles. Going to the company, children often play in rescuers, policemen, soldiers. A real dream for boys is the weapon "Nerf". Sniper rifle, pistol and other weapons of this manufacturer is very popular among children of different ages.

Nerf Toys

The Nerf brand was created by the Parker brothers at the end60-ies of the last century. Initially, the company specialized in the production of children's weapons. Gradually, the range of Nerf products expanded. To date, the company still produces sports balls and video games.

The brand became the most popular with toys for fighting games. In 2013 the company presented the world with a whole collection of weapons for girls, made in purple-pink colors.

Separate series are produced by the company "Nerf"blasters. Sniper rifle, multi-charge bow, water pistol, blaster-shotgun - ready-made sets of weapons of various modifications and shooting characteristics are ideal for group games in the fresh air.

Feature of Nerf toys is a highquality of performance and original design. To create weapons, the manufacturer uses high-quality plastic. Toys are light, durable and safe for children's health.

All Nerf products are made in original neon colors. Playing with toys of this brand is interesting even for adults.

nerf sniper rifle

"Nerf" develops abilities

As you know, outdoor games are useful for childrenof different ages. And this is the opinion of Nerf. Sniper rifle, blaster and story games with them contribute to the physical and mental development of children. They learn to come up with complex situations on their own and seek rational ways to solve them. The child improves fantasy and increases attention.

All the toys "Nerf" are designed for games in pairs. Due to this, the children improve their communication with the team, develop character and instill socially important qualities. So, having a Nerf pistol in his hand, the boy feels himself a kind hero with noble goals. This toy plays an important role in the development of such qualities as courage and courage.

nerf blasters sniper rifle

Sniper Rifles

Among all the fighting toys of the company "Nerf" sniper rifle deserves special attention. The weapon is made in a beautiful design and has high technical characteristics.

The manufacturer has created a separate series of sniper rifles, consisting of 3 different models: Longshot, Longstrike and Centurion.

Blaster Longshot

This is the first model of a sniper rifle, the production of which began in 2006. "Longshot" was released only 4 years, but it is very popular to this day.

Longshot from "Nerf" - sniper rifle withhigh accuracy of the shot. Thanks to the sight, the child easily hits the target. The range of the shot is 13 meters. Most often, "Longshot" is used for shooting at short distances.

Rifle ammunition consists of 6 cartridges. It is possible to mount additional modules on a tactful rack located on the top of the handle.

The set with a rifle includes a receiver, a trigger handle, a clip and a sniper scope.

pistol nerf

Longstrike Sniper Weapons

Another famous toy "Nerf" - sniper rifle "Longstrake." Its production began in 2010 to replace the already outdated Longshot model.

Characteristics of the Longstrike rifle:

  1. Range up to 12 meters. Without a receiver, this figure is 7 meters.
  2. The rifle has a manual shutter for reloading.
  3. High shot speed - 1 bullet per second.
  4. The presence of the stock, a removable barrel and holder for 6 cartridges.
  5. In the butt, a special fastening is provided for the two spare clips.
  6. In the upper part of the body is provided a control cover, which allows controlling the supply of cartridges.
  7. The special design of the rifle allows you to fix additional accessories necessary for it in combat: an optical or laser sight, a flashlight, a collimator target designator.

Rifle "Longstrake" allows you to quickly performcombat tasks and successfully aim at the desired object. Despite the short range of the shot, it has proved itself very well at short distances. This model has become a real legend in the world of blasters. Clear forms, the presence of a removable barrel resemble a real rifle.

nerf rifle

Mega Centurion rifle rifle

This is a powerful and impressive in appearance modelfrom Nerf. The rifle is large and stunning. The blaster shoots at a distance of 30 meters. It can be used both at long distances, and for assault in a small radius of combat.

The design of the rifle provides for drying, thanks to which the fighter can shoot even in a lying position. This allows you to hide from the enemy and catch an accurate sight.

Blaster "Centurion" has a high capacity. For shooting from this rifle large cartridges are used. During the descent of the ammunition, a whistling sound is heard, which creates the effect of real combat.

At the top of the hull and under the barrel are tactical rails. If you compare the products of "Nerf" (blasters), the sniper rifle "Centurion" is one of the best models.

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Nerf Pistols

Another popular product of this brand is the Ionfire gun. Teenagers are happy to play this functional and easy toy.

The Nerf pistol fires accurately at any distance. The case of the blaster is made of a safe and durable plastic. It is convenient to hold it in your hand.

The range of firing "Ionfire" is 16 meters. The gun has a detachable barrel extension, using which you can achieve the most accurate sight.

The kit includes a set of bright cartridges of foamed polymer and removable fasteners for cartridges.

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