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It is not always possible to live with one man alllife and keep at the same time a warm relationship. Divorce between spouses does not mean the termination of all relations. Communication after the divorce process is a whole art. If the husband and wife managed to go through this test with dignity, they continue to congratulate each other on holidays, consult in many issues and simply not forget all the good things that were in their life together. How to come up with a good congratulation to your former husband on his birthday?

Warm words for the ex-husband

How to correctly write the text of congratulations andwhat words to pick up on this holiday. It does not matter what the congratulations will be on the birthday of a former husband from a former wife - in prose or in verse, it is important that they be told from the heart. Hardly in your life there were no joyful and pleasant moments. Picking up the necessary words, it is worth remembering them and expressing gratitude in your congratulations.

ex-husband with a birthday

  • "You will spend this birthday without me, but II wish you love and understanding with your new wife. Let in your memory there will be only bright and positive remembrances about our joint life ".
  • "We celebrate this holiday not together, but remember, I am grateful to you for the days spent together."

You can pick up words that you did not tell your ex-husband before. Happy birthday, you can congratulate by phone or draw a beautiful postcard and send it by mail.

happy birthday congratulations to her former husband

Congratulations in a playful manner

The texts for congratulations may not be enoughserious, you can add to them funny and witty phrases. Congratulations to her ex-husband, you can insert some humorous reproaches and jokes in the text. Such a form of congratulation will help to remove the tension that sometimes arises between former spouses.

  • "Though our life was not easy, but I want you to get a new positive life from a new wife in a new family life, although it's unlikely that she will be able to compare with me."

birthday congratulations to her former husband short cool short

  • "Today you are older for a whole year and, probably, have already learned to take care not only about yourself, but let your new lady feel your care and love, which I have not received."

Such congratulations on the birthday of her former husband - cool and funny, will show him that you are doing well, and you did not fall into depression because of the divorce.

Short or long

How much will you pick the right words and what is itthere will be words, depends not least on how you broke up. If the parting has passed without scandals and mutual reproaches and you can still communicate without remembering each other's mistakes, you can make up a long congratulations to your ex-husband on your birthday.

  • "My ex-husband!On this day, I want to wish you not to forget the pleasant moments of our family life. After all, only after we tore the thread that bound us together, we really were able to appreciate what they had. "

The words spoken or written to the former husband on his birthday are better to choose in advance, so that at the last moment they do not fly out of their heads with excitement.

  • "You were the most expensive person for meearth, and let us today go in different ways, I wish you not to stumble and not stumble. Let your road be easy and pleasant, and on it you will meet the one with whom you want to go together. "

What exactly to say and what to wish, should prompt the heart. Any congratulations should be positive - you do not need to stir up the past and remember the negative moments of your life.

And do you even need to congratulate your ex-husband?

This question you can solve onlyindividually, but if you had children in marriage, then for them your ex-husband remains your favorite dad. There are no ex-fathers-you must build your relationship like this after a divorce so that children can communicate with their father.

congratulations on her birthday to her former husband from his former wife in prose

The text of the congratulation can include poeticquatrains, it would be good to read them in turn with the children. But if you can not put your wishes into the rhymed lines, then it's better to say few words, but your own, than to read the poem, but someone else's.

  • "I can not speak beautifully, but all my wishes may come true in your life." "I wish you happiness, my ex-husband."

If after a divorce you practically do not communicate andtoo different in your views on life and the upbringing of children, then you can limit yourself to a greeting card, on which you will write a few words of congratulations. You can also congratulate you with a short SMS message if it's very painful to hear the voice of an ex-husband.

Congratulations on her birthday to her former husband, cool, short, serious, long - they should express your attitude and feelings for the dearest person once.

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