Universal detergent and cleanser: overview, types, composition and reviews

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Keep the house clean - hard work!Fortunately, shop windows are full of all sorts of "helpers." Cleaning and cleaning products are simply necessary for cleaning in the house. Without these bottles now no mistakes are made by any mistress, kitchen and bathroom are filled with various jars and sprays. It's a real miracle - you put a gel or powder on a dirty surface, wait a few minutes and wash it off with water!

But not all cleaning and cleaning products workflawlessly. We have to rub, sweat, ruin the manicure and make a bunch of other problems. It is very difficult to make a choice, so mistresses have to try everything on their own. We shall plunge into this problem with a head ...


Manufacturers and scientists simplify the work of housewivesnovelties. Not so long ago, there were tools that can cope with any type of contamination on any surfaces. Very similar to some magic elixir! It's hard to believe that you can wash rust, and carbon deposits, dirt, and calcareous deposits of gel from one bottle.

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Universal cleaning agent helpssave money and time. Unscrew the lid, and you can wash everything without interrupting the replacement of the product. But many women claim that they do not like such a product. Nothing laundered qualitatively, because its action is not directed at anything specifically. With the same success it is possible to scrub everything with washing powder or laundry soap. The opinions of customers differ in this matter. Some argue that such a tool, cleaning all without exception, is very convenient and economical!


Getting into the department of household chemicals in the store, betterhave a lot of free time. Eyes run up, each manufacturer promises perfect purity without unnecessary movements, pleasant aroma and safety are guaranteed. So how do you choose exactly what is right for you? Universal cleaning agent can be liquid, powder, gel. Consider the most striking examples:

  • Penki and liquid funds are very convenient inuse. With the help of a special tip you can apply them to any surface and do not arrange around puddles and streaks. Sprays are aimed at removing soft deposits, deposits and grease. They can not cope with chronic pollution. Leading in this list Cillit BANG, it is decent, but the effect is noticeable immediately. The hostesses noted and Glorix as the best remedy cleansing everything. He copes with fat on the floor, the stove, the walls in minutes. It can be applied in the bathroom, tiles and tiles will shine like new ones.
  • If you have to work with old spots,grease, ask for help with classic powder products. They are designed to clean hard surfaces, perfectly handle any stains. That "Pemolux", that Comet - an effective powder cleaner. The composition of these powders is completely safe, the main component is an abrasive.
  • Creams and gels for cleaning surfaces areingenious creation. They can be used in small amounts, applied point-wise, one package is enough for a long time. Cif, Domestos have positive reviews and a powerful composition. Remove mostly soft carbon, soot, grease.

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Acid Cleaners for Bathroom -a real find. Active acids are struggling with mineral deposits, salt spray, rust. But they often should not be used, the acid can cause corrosion, destroy cement. Use this type of funds only once a month during general cleaning. The medium-acid products are suitable for washing combined contaminants. Tiles and faience can be rubbed by them at least every day - nothing will happen, but with weaker surfaces be careful.


Alkaline drugs, unlike their brethrenacid, completely useless against mineral deposits. But to remove oil and grease stains is the work of alkali! A universal cleaning agent usually contains a surfactant, an anti-corrosion component, so it is easy to clean any surface with such a helper. Do not have to sweat and rub for a long time. With fats, medium-alkaline chemistry is more difficult to handle, it is less aggressive and dangerous for the skin than strongly alkaline. With the latest tools you need to work with gloves and a mask with extreme caution. It is better not to use and not store such funds at home.

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Golden mean

There are also neutral cleaners.Reviews about them are contradictory. Many housewives claim that there is no use from them, except to wash the floors! Plaque, grease, stone remain in place after cleaning with such gels and powders. They do not impart either brilliance or purity. The farm is practically useless. But there are also positive opinions! The main thing is that neutral means are safe. They do not leave chemical burns, allergic reactions, there are no side effects. After all, they consist of a mix of surface-active substances that do not harm the human body.


Any cleaning agent, detergent consists of surfactants. Each of its types works by its own scenario. Divide surfactants into several categories:

  • Anionaktivnye: their role - wetting and washing reagents, emulsifier.
  • Cationic acids are acid salts and quaternary bases. They give a bactericidal effect, they do not have detergent qualities. It's just a good disinfector.
  • Non-ionic compounds do not dissociate with the aqueous solution. Used alone or with an anionaktivnymi brethren. The substance should be dissolved in a dispersive medium and proceed to work.

Pure white

The bathroom is a breeding ground for microbes andbacteria. They love the humid environment and are happy to live on plumbing, taps, shelves and floors. Cleaners for the bathroom mistress are selected especially carefully. It's not for nothing that they say: "The toilet is the face of the house." In this room everything should shine and be white. Universal and time-tested "Belizna-gel" perfectly copes with the tasks in the bathroom. The smell of chlorine is not tolerated, only because this tool is not on the first line of the rating.

Bathroom cleaners

Bright bottles of the company "Sanford" are also markedhousewives and experts as the best cleaning. Strongest acids in the composition effectively affect rust, plaque and return the plumbing to the former whiteness and freshness. The most positive thing is that you do not need to rub anything. Simply apply the product, spill a little and after ten minutes, wash it off with plenty of water!

Cleaners for the bathroom line Comet and Amway- the best helpers of women! The composition of the strongest surfactants, which in seconds destroy any pollution, including chronic. Gloves - a prerequisite for cleaning with these tools! Buyers sweep off the shelves of these manufacturers, because cleanliness in the house is the guarantee of family health.

Of the people

Before, people could do well without jars andbottles with the inscription "cleaning agent". We managed with improvised methods and our own forces. Our great-grandmothers fought with microbes, fat, mud with the help of soda, ash, peroxide, ammonia and other ingredients. If you mix them in the right proportions and make efforts to the surface, you will stop looking into the department of household chemicals.

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Lemon juice is a very strong substance.You can wash them with a toilet, a bath, and a sink. Lemon juice mixed with water 1: 1 and add a teaspoon of soda. With this mixture, treat the contaminated surfaces and leave for ten minutes. After you wash away the plaque, you can be blinded by shine and cleanliness!

Slice the lemon periodically clean the bezeltoilet bowl. Bacteria can not accumulate in this place, the air will clear. For effective disinfection, use vinegar. Also, a solution of vinegar and water launches tiles and glass.

folk cleansers

Miracle powder

For many years, soda remains theuniversal and affordable detergent. Utensils, plumbing, tiles, floor - everything is subject to it. Many folk cleansers take soda as the basis. If you mix three parts of dry mustard, one part of soda and a few drops of lemon - you will get an excellent all-purpose cleaner for washing the kitchen, dishes, floors and any fat surfaces. This express method will help quickly bring the running kitchen into order. Everything will shine with cleanliness and freshness.

cleaning agent composition

If the toilet should be urgently reanimated, fill it upInside a pint of soda and slowly pour vinegar. Foam will appear, during this reaction mineral deposits, rust and dirt will disappear. The toilet will look like it was an hour ago in the shop window!

To keep the house clean can be independently and with minimal cost. The main thing is not to be lazy!

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