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When twins appear in your family, everything inYour house automatically doubles - double pleasures, double griefs, double worries and troubles. In former times, one of the main problems of twin parents was to "get" a stroller for their kids. Today we can not say that this problem has become less relevant for young parents, although in a slightly different aspect. It is now very difficult to make the right choice among the many proposed models of strollers for two kids.

stroller cane for twins
A stroller cane for twins is the most suitableoption for walking with children. But which one is right for you, which one will be the most comfortable for small passengers, with what is the easiest way to cope with mom? We will talk about this today and try to answer your questions. And on which wheelchair you will choose - it's up to you.

A stroller cane for twins can beused for walking with children, whose age difference is quite small. Such strollers are divided according to the type of arrangement of the children in them. Most models are designed so that the children sit in a stroller side by side, that is next to each other. The babies are in absolutely equal position, have the same view, are located at the same distance from the mother. This is a clear advantage of such strollers. But when the kids grow up a little, there is not a very pleasant situation when children begin to quarrel or prevent each other from sleeping.

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A wheelchair-cane is very popular for twins, inwhich seats are located one after another. This stroller is narrower, and, consequently, more manoeuvrable. However, the child sitting behind sees nothing in front of him, except for the back of his brother or sister.

The next model is not very popular with parents.A stroller cane for twins, in which the children sit with their backs to each other, is not very convenient to transport, and the children do not see each other. This can cause problems, especially if the kids are used to talking to each other constantly. But little fighters such a short separation can benefit.

Buy a stroller-cane for twins muchmore profitable than two single-seat models - it costs less, takes up much less space than two strollers of this type, and most importantly - it is much more convenient to operate. This is especially true for mothers who are forced to walk with children alone. As you know, you can not walk alone with two strollers.

stroller cane for twins reviews
However, the stroller cane for twins has a number ofsignificant shortcomings. First of all, this is a fairly solid weight - a fragile young mother sometimes finds it difficult to cope with it. Insufficient maneuverability - they are more sluggish than single-use analogues. And one more big drawback, which concerns residents of large cities - such strollers are not included in the standard passenger elevator.

One of the most popular and popularmodels is the Mobility One A6670 Utban Duo - a very comfortable stroller-cane for twins. Reviews about it are very favorable. This is the classic design of the stroller. It easily folds, takes up very little space. Your kids in such a vehicle will be fun and comfortable. Carriages are produced in a variety of colors, so parents can choose the option they like.

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