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"School time and in all weathers disappearedwe're in the courtyards ... "Do you remember the song? How many memories are connected with these years ... First love, first experiences, dates, flowers ... And, of course, the warmth and love that our teachers surrounded us.

Our first teacher. The best, the kindest. It is thanks to him that we have learned not only to read and write, but also to love the world around us, to recognize good and evil, to distinguish between bad and good.

How much happened in 10 years of school. And everyone, even if he did not like to learn, still remembers her with a smile and a little bit with pain in his heart, because it was in school that we grew up and became human.

The script of the jubilee of the school should be especially good to convey all the feelings that we feel for it. Try to follow our advice, and everything will go perfectly!

If this is the thirtieth anniversary or fiftieth anniversary,Of course, we need to think over the sketches for the jubilee of the school, try to find several editions of the school, invite teachers who are no longer there, because they will be pleased that they are remembered and waiting in their native walls.

And now we'll think over the script of the jubilee of the school together. First, you need to understand how many guests will meet at the celebration. If there are a lot of them and you can not get everyone together in the assembly hall, then you can arrange a small celebration there for the closest ones, and after renting some huge hall where the celebration itself will be celebrated. Decoration of premises also requires special efforts. Best of all, attach photos of school editions everywhere - from the first to the last. At the entrance to the hall put a huge album in which everyone will write warm words to the address of the school.

In the jubilee of the school, the scenario of the holiday requires specialdiligent preparation. However, do not put this burden on students' back. Involve the graduates of the school, for sure, and they have something to say from the scene. If possible, make a film about the school from the videos, if they are preserved. Just the music will be the footage of old school years, from Soviet times to the present day. And behind the scenes, someone can be instructed to read a touching text about the school:

"My dear school ..." When you say these three words, the soul is illuminated by light, because all the purest and brightest in our lives we left here, within these walls. Memories ... A chalkboard, notes in a diary, an unexpected five and smiles ... Smiles of our teachers ... How much trouble we caused them, and they suffered and smiled ... And our greatest friend was a school bell. We waited for him as a holiday, not realizing that every lesson we learned brings us closer to adulthood ... And today we want to thank everyone! For all that you gave us school! And you, teachers! For advice, comments, knowledge! Thank you!"

After this, you need to find the leading ones, andmore beautiful, if there are four of them - two of the students and two of the graduates. And the script can be made alternating, sketches for the jubilee of the school from the past and from the real ones.

Naturally, in the hall there will be teachers of different generations. Let them feel that you appreciate what they once did for you or continue to do. Do not forget about the colors for them.

In the scenario of the jubilee of the school it would be a good idea to includespeeches of different generations of graduates who will share their memories. However, memories should be fun, it's better if it's interesting and funny stories from school years.

Required attributes of the script should be songs. If it's difficult to write music yourself, then remake the words of some famous composition, because it's very easy to get minus one. For example, "Dear Friend" V. Leontiev perfectly fits this celebration. Rewrite the text, replace a few words and ready.

Remember that the jubilee of the school is not veryoften, so try to do everything in the best possible way, in particular, write a good school jubilee scenario. Give her in return at least a piece of what she once gave us!

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