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In 2010, there appeared on the world market an unusualcollection of dolls. Now these are the most famous dolls - Monster High (Monster High). They were released after the appearance on the TV screens of the cartoon "School of Monsters", consisting of several series. Monster High were intended for teenagers, but are also popular with pre-school children.

Every second princess dreams of a doll from the famous cartoon, and every third she already has.

What dolls can meet?

The Monster High collection consists of many unique dolls with different skin color, hair and clothing. For example:

  1. Abby is the daughter of Yeti, so the coldest doll of all, literally like ice, with soft blue skin and purple eyes.
  2. Laguna is the daughter of a sea monster, with blue skin.
  3. Claudine - the famous wolf (werewolf).
  4. Frankie - with a greenish skin color, the smallest doll that has two bolts in its neck.
  5. Rochelle is a charming and elegant gargoyle with a light skin tone.
  6. Venus is the only one of its kind, green in color, with red hair and bright blue eyes.
  7. Twyla is Bougemeen's daughter with a skin of a bluish shade and lilac-eyed sweet eyes.
  8. Draculaura is the daughter of Dracula, a natural skin color with black hair.
  9. Operetta is the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, with a pinkish skin color and bright red hair.
  10. Sisters of Myaulodiya and Pursefon are quite similar, but the former prefers light shades in clothes and make-up, while the latter prefers light colors.

My things Monster High

Famous things Monster High

Girls madly fell in love with charming monsters,and the parents decide which doll to choose to give. The question arises from the large choice. Monster dolls are cute, elegant, fashionable and bright. The authors tried to get the most attention and dressed Monster High in the most glamorous things. For example, my favorite things Monster High are next. Abby is dressed in a scaraf suit of cold flowers. Claudine prefers a black dress with a long hem, preferably lilac. Venus is still a fashionista. She combines several colors in her clothes: green, pink and yellow. For her, the best option is a top with a short fitted skirt. Draculaura uses a combination of black and pink flowers. A graceful lush skirt-bell, a white top with a black mesh and a big bow-that's her favorite clothes. But Operetta prefers a skirt-pack in the form of spider webs and a black top. The sisters of Myaulodiya and Pursefon try to be similar to each other and to distinguish them from each other is rather difficult.

Things Monster High

Additional accessories for fashionistas Monster High

Each doll is elegant in its own way and each has its ownunique style. At the same time, each of the monsters is shod in shoes, boots or sandals, but necessarily with a high heel and with a wide platform. For each monster, the appropriate accessories (glasses, bags, costume jewelry, shoes) are selected according to the color and style.

You can also invent things for the Monster High dolls and diversify their wardrobe yourself. The main thing is not to forget your favorite colors of monsters.

Things for dolls Monster High

Than to fill up the wardrobe and decorate my things Monster High?

From the doll-monster depends on what she will be dressed. However, the same thing annoys and there is a desire to make a new one. My things Monster High will look something like this. For the coldest Abby, you can make an elegant blouse, a short skirt with a long mesh on top. All this is a gentle marine color. Sisters Pursefonu and Mya-lodia wear smart long-fitting trousers and tops with bows on their backs, just do not forget about their favorite colors. For Twyla, you can experiment and sew a dress with green and black flowers. And for the Operetta would come a fitted skirt of blue or blue with the use of black. Do not forget, the described options are my things Monster High.

You can fantasize a lot and sew any thing, to your taste.

My things are Monster High. Collection.

Monster dolls are so popular that they can be found not only in stores, but also on the Internet. Give the child joy and collect with him a complete collection of dolls Monster High.

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