Original gifts for the wedding. How unusual they should be

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It's no secret that after receiving an invitation towedding guests first of all begin to discuss the gift that will be presented, and not what they will go to the celebration. All because the ceremony of marriage is a fairy-tale action, thanks to which a new family is born, another cell of society. And on this day you want everything to be magical and original, including presents.

original gifts for the wedding

Original gifts for the wedding are nice to receive,they are remembered for a long time by all the participants in the celebration. Often even the delivery of money is original. For example, they are exchanged for a trifle and presented in a huge box, sometimes they are glued together in a garland and let out of a cracker, well, it happens that bills and coins are simply scattered on the floor before the young ones, so that the one who collects more is considered the head families.

Gifts for the wedding of the original can be of several types:

  • made with their own hands;
  • bought;
  • monetary.

Since we have already written about the latter, we will stopon the remaining two categories of presents. Original gifts for the wedding, made by own hands, is always unusual and pleasant. Really, who does not like the woven woven carpet or the furniture made of the vine? Such presents are highly appreciated, because they are made with love and with a pure heart. However, do not assume that the purchased gift is just a purchase. This is not true. Such a present is selected very long, and before this there is a long discussion about what exactly to buy, what color, size and so on.

We will describe the most original gifts for the wedding, which guests can present.

Original gifts for the wedding anniversary

Of course, it can be a honeymoon, butnot just a trip, but, for example, an African safari or an ascent to Mount Everest. Also they can present unusual sports equipment. If young people have never swam with aqualung, attentive friends can correct this situation.

As another presentation can actinvitation to a wedding banquet of a real orchestra. He will perform the whole evening of music at the request of the young and guests. An excellent surprise can be considered the invitation of young people to participate in one of the shows, which now massively began to be shot on television.

wedding gifts original

It is worth noting that the original gifts forThe wedding does not have to be something fantastic. It is enough that they can be unusual for the bride and groom themselves. For example, flying in a hot air balloon. Such a walk is not cheap, and therefore to ride with the breeze will be both pleasant and romantic. If a bride or groom loves horses and lives in a private home, guests can give them an excellent stallion. Beautiful sculptures or pendants with engravings can also be attributed to unusual gifts. What can I say about ordering a photo session or a set of unusual kitchen utensils!

There is still a lot of unexpected and pleasantpresents. For example, a romantic dinner in the most expensive restaurant in the city or a spa and beauty treatments in one of the best beauty salons. Renting a limousine or rooms for newlyweds at the hotel, a weekend trip to the most romantic city in the country or even a repetition of the wedding ceremony on the beach can be safely attributed to the category of "original gifts for the anniversary of the wedding." After all, they are called to wake up and strengthen the feelings, which, perhaps, have subsided a little since the festive turmoil.

As a conclusion, it should be noted thatOriginal gifts for the wedding - it's a lot of impressions, positive emotions and a lot of memories. Choose gifts creatively, because it's quite simple, and sometimes even very interesting.

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