Primary toilet of the newborn: care of the baby

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In the first minutes after the appearance of the baby in the lightnurses and doctors should carry out the primary toilet of the newborn and some other procedures so that in the future it will grow and develop properly. First of all, suction of amniotic fluid from the mouth and nose is produced. This must be done so that the child does not choke when he starts breathing on his own.

primary toilet of the newborn
The next steps are cutting and processingumbilical cord. After birth, clamps are placed on it, which stop the metabolic processes between the mother's and the baby's body. Place between the instruments should be treated with iodine to prevent infection or germs from entering the wound. The umbilical cord is then clipped.

Another primary toilet of the newbornIt involves treating the wound with alcohol and applying a special staple. All this is done already on the planar table under a sufficiently powerful lamp, which prevents the baby from freezing. Next, nurses move to the treatment of the skin. To do this, they remove the remaining grease from the sterile napkin. All wrinkles should be sprinkled with xerophore, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Do this procedure should be as carefully as possible using vegetable oil, so as not to damage a very delicate skin.

baby toilet

Then the primary toilet of the newbornprotects the eyes from possible infection. To do this, a solution of sodium sulfate 20% is added to the lower eyelid. After several hours, this procedure must be repeated. If you have a girl, then to prevent infection of female organs in the genital slit, she drips a solution of silver nitrate 1%. This completes the primary toilet of the newborn. The procedure begins to measure the weight, height, volume of the head and chest, as well as an examination of the pediatrician.

After you took the baby home, hisHygiene should be given maximum attention. Here, the newborn's toilet includes bathing procedures, processing of umbilical cord, skin, ear, nose and scalp. Take a bath baby can be on the third day after birth. Water should not be hot. In it you can add a decoction of queue or chamomile.

The morning toilet of a newborn child beginswith the washing of the face with warm water. Eyes are wiped with a sterile cotton swab. Ears are cleaned with vegetable oil. For this purpose it is better to use special cotton wands, which are used in the treatment of the nose. Naturally, the child needs to be washed. Further processing of inguinal and other folds is carried out with a special cream or powder. And we should not forget about the axillary cavities. Buttocks and those places that are constantly in contact with the urine of the baby, should be washed with running water and soap.

morning toilet of a newborn baby
It is very important to carefully monitor the umbilical woundwithin 2-3 weeks. Process it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. To date, doctors do not recommend using potassium permanganate for this purpose. Since on the head of each baby remains crust after birth, they need to be carefully removed. To do this, they must be lubricated with a special oil and carefully combed out with a soft comb. To produce all hygienic procedures should be every day, and several times, especially washing.

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