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In anticipation of the birth of a child, parents tryget not only everything you need, but also all the best for your crumbs. Particular attention is paid to choosing a stroller. After all, you need to go out to fresh air every day. And if the wheelchair is uncomfortable, it becomes a real test. Therefore it is necessary to make a rating of wheelchairs "3 in 1" and walking models.

What features are most attractive to buyers

Many parents prefer 3-in-1 models. They are used from the first days of life and are an excellent solution to the issue of children's transport to three years.

The main selection criteria are:

  1. Comfort for the baby.The presence of a roomy and warm cradle, an inflated hood and a cape on the legs. Presence of a raincoat, a mosquito net and ventilation. Also, much attention is paid to shock absorbers.
  2. Practicality for parents.If you study the rating of wheelchairs "3 in 1" in Russia, then we can conclude that the leading vehicles with high maneuverability and permeability. Equally easy is the folding and the possibility of transportation.

rating of strollers 3 in 1

Features of the stroller «3 in 1»

These strollers are very popular due to their multifunctionality. Having made a purchase once, you do not have to worry that as a child grows up, you have to buy a more suitable model.

The rating of strollers "3 in 1" is high due to the fact that they consist of the following elements:

  1. Cradle.It will be needed in the first 6 months of the child's life. In the cradle, the newborn will be in a natural physiological position thanks to a strong base. Also it can be used as a carrying bag. In some models special skids are provided, which allow using the cradle as a cradle.
  2. Pleasure block. Used when the baby starts to sit. Usually this element is installed in any direction of movement. That is, the child can sit face to mother or vice versa.
  3. Car seat. This is very convenient for car owners, since it does not require additional costs to purchase a much needed item.

If you study the rating of wheelchairs, "3 in 1" occupythe leading place thanks to precisely these opportunities. And parents make their choice based on their preferences. There are the most popular models, it is worth considering the features of each of them.

Stroller Cam Cortina Evolution X3


Rating of strollers "3 in 1" for newborns can bestart with this model. A feature of this model is a three-wheeled chassis, which significantly increases its maneuverability. The stroller looks stylish and modern.

The cradle is very spacious and does not contain various protruding parts. Can be used as a cradle.

The seat of the walking block is wide, which allows the baby to feel comfortable even in a warm overalls in the winter.

There is a large basket for purchases and toys and a large bag for the mother. The set includes a mosquito net.

Adamex Enduro

3 in 1 for newborns

Estimating the rating of wheelchairs "3 in 1" for the winter, you cansay that this model takes the lead. Manufacturers have provided everything to the smallest detail. Even in the coldest winter, the crumb does not freeze. A warm cradle, a protective cover on the cover and a visor on the hood will be a reliable protection against bad weather. The promenade block is equipped with a warm cover on the legs.

Peg Perego GT3

This model has three wheels, frontturns. The presence of a handbrake makes it possible to immediately stop movement in critical situations. This in turn increases the safety and reliability of the product and allows you to enter the rating of 3-in-1 wheelchairs that are most popular.

Inglesina vittoria

3 in 1 stroller rating for winter

A classic option that has proven itself over the years. The cradle is 100% cotton and has a mattress.

The main advantage of the stroller is thatit is easy enough. Especially appreciated is the buyers who have to go down with her on the stairs. Wheels easily slide down the steps, which is of great importance in the absence of an elevator in the house.

A good assistant in the choice of transportmeans for the child will become a rating of wheelchairs "3 in 1". For girls there are a lot of options and color solutions. You can choose a bright model or in quiet pastel colors. All brands offer a wide variety of colors, so any buyer will be able to purchase a stroller to your liking.

Advantages of stroller

3 in 1 stroller rating for girls

Strollers are in high demandin the warm season. With the advent of spring, if the baby is already sitting, the parents are thinking about such a purchase. What are the advantages of a stroller? The ranking of the best includes models that meet the following criteria.

  • Light weight. This is of great importance, since it allows you to use the wheelchair in almost any situation. It can easily be folded and brought into public transport or an institution. This option is very convenient for long trips.
  • Small size. Folding the stroller, it is easy to place it in the trunk of the car. Also it does not take up much space at home.
  • Functionality. Spin can be installed in the required position. Walking patterns are not designed for sleep, since they do not have a horizontal position. But still, if the child falls asleep, you can lower the back to the position of reclining.
  • Presence of seat belts. This is very important, as the children are very active after 6 months, and the straps will allow the baby to be securely fixed in a position convenient for him.

Almost all models have a protective bumper, a raincoat, a basket for toys.

Stroller: best rankings

According to the parents, you can name the three most popular models.

  1. Zooper Waltz Escape. This stroller has won the love of buyers thanks to the smallest weight, which is less than 7 kg. The system of addition is telescopic, which is very convenient for transportation. The backrest is adjusted absolutely noiselessly, so it can be lowered without disturbing the baby, if it is asleep. In the complete set there is a convenient little table which will allow without effort to feed the child on walk. For cold weather, a warm cloak is useful.
  2. Peg Perego Aria Completo. The stroller has all the necessary features for a comfortable walk. A large raincoat will reliably protect against getting wet, and a warm cloak on the legs will not allow it to freeze. The wheelchair is built on the principle of "books".
    rating of wheelchairs 3 in 1 in Russia
  3. Aneco Venezia (eco-leather). This model, in addition to a walking block, has a classic cradle, so it can be used from birth. At the same time, this is an excellent option for walking, because it has a low weight. It is very practical for transportation and storage, it is easy to fold and has a locking system. It is suitable for off-road driving.

There are other convenient strollers. Rating of the best is not limited to this. When choosing a model, it is necessary to pay special attention to safety and practicality in use.

What should I consider when choosing a stroller?

3 in 1 Buggies for Boys

  • At what time of year do you plan to use it. If you want to purchase a model suitable for any weather, choose "3 in 1". For children from 6 months summer trips will be more convenient in the walking version.
  • The presence of an elevator in the house. If the wheelchair has to be lifted and lowered on the stairs, consider models with low weight.
  • In the case of frequent trips in the car you need to choose a stroller, which is easy to fold and has small dimensions.
  • Planning another child - do not skimp ona stroller. A cheap option may not last long. But quality products from proven manufacturers will make it possible to use children's transport for several children. Therefore, study the rating of strollers "3 in 1". For boys, you can choose a model in quiet pastel colors, it is also suitable in case of the birth of a girl.

Having made the right choice, you will create safety and comfort for your baby. And for parents, a practical stroller will become an indispensable assistant.

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