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Choosing a stroller, many parentscome to the realization that one copy will not be enough, especially if the baby is very small, but does not fit into the cradle, and winter is in the yard. It's simple: a child, most likely, spends a lot of time in a dream, so having a full-fledged bed is simply necessary, and Mom needs to somehow roll this carriage along the snow-covered pavements. Model-

Carriages walking chapel
cane is not the best solution in thissituation, but it will come in handy with the onset of summer or for shopping trips. And now the family budget is bursting at the seams, because few people expect to buy two "walks" at once. What to do? Buy one expensive stroller of a European manufacturer and use it only? In many cases, it will be quite inconvenient. Buy a cheap copy produced in China? It can fail in a week. A reasonable solution is to look for the necessary strollers in the middle price segment. In this case it will be possible not to go broke and get what you want.

Korean strollers "Capella" (Capella) have long been known to Russian buyers, who often prefer them to everyone else. What is the secret of their popularity?

Carriages for pleasure "Capella" - European quality at reasonable prices

The history of Soyea began in 1965year. With the passage of time, the assortment of manufactured products grew, at the beginning of the two thousandths the production received the certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO9001. Currently, the strollers are manufactured under two trademarks: Capella and Laon, and are sold in more than twenty-five countries around the world, including Russia.

It has already become a tradition that production basesmany companies are located in China. "The Chapel" is not an exception, however, a lot of awards and certificates received show that it is not worth frightening.

Carriages for pleasure "Capella" for all occasions

stroller walking kapella 901
The model range is quite wide. So, you can find stroller-walking sticks and those that have the mechanism of folding the "book".

It is especially pleasant that most of themis adapted for use in the cold season. It is quite easy to learn such strollers "Capella". Their composition includes a warm mattress (is removable) and a cover on the legs of the baby. And a very large hood will reliably protect the child from cold wind and wet snow. In the article of such models there are symbols WF (Winter Frost).

Of course, in addition to these accessories, the "walk"must have good cross-country ability, especially under the conditions of Russian reality (not sidewalks cleared of snow, and even their complete absence). Of course, copies on small wheels do not have this function, but there are two models in the manufacturer's range that satisfy this requirement.

One of them is the stroller "Capella 901",which is often compared with the Peg Perego GT3. Indeed, the design of the frame they have is similar, but if you take into account the prices, the Korean version looks much more attractive. The front wheels of this model are doubled with a diameter of twenty-six centimeters, and the rear wheels are four centimeters larger.

Stroller Stroller 803
The second representative, who can also beto call ideally suitable for winter - a stroller "Capella 803", known as Castle. The design of its wheels is somewhat different: the front wheels are smaller in diameter than the rear wheels (twenty and thirty centimeters respectively). The width of the chassis is also different. At the rear wheels it is fifty-eight centimeters, for the front wheels - five centimeters less.

In the model 901 it is even larger - sixty-one centimeter. So this option may not be suitable for parents living in houses with narrow elevators.

Both models have a roomy sleeping place.Thanks to the design features, it is located quite high above the ground, and below there is a very spacious shopping basket. Rarely, what kind of budget wheelchairs can boast of having a flip handle, and in Capella it is, so that at any time you can move it so that the kid was facing his mother.

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