Acne on the child's pride: causes, treatment, prevention

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Parents should pay attention to the condition of the skin of the crumbs, especially if small pimples have appeared. They can occur for various reasons, including due to a disease or food reaction.

pimples on the child's pride

What you need to know

As is known, in children, the skin is much more sensitiveand thinner than in adults, so she needs careful care and, if necessary, appropriate treatment. Eruptions appear quite unexpectedly, and sometimes it is difficult to find the cause of their occurrence. The hardest thing in the presence of such problems is a child under the age of one year. At this time, the body is least protected from external factors, and the reaction can occur on the drugs, vitamins or new products used. Acne on the child's pope can look different, have any size and different colors.

Skin care

In order not to aggravate the situation, it is necessary to visit the district pediatrician. Most often, the rash quickly passes with careful compliance with the rules of care, which are as follows:

  • daily bathing without the use of gels and shampoos;
  • systematic air baths;
  • use of drying or moisturizing agents, depending on skin type;
  • gradual introduction of new products;
  • thorough rinsing of clothes;
  • timely change of diapers and underwear.

If such actions do not help, the doctor can prescribe antifungal and antimicrobial agents, as well as a means to relieve inflammation and itching.

soft skin


Gentle skin is susceptible to various eruptions, among the most common:

  • Diaper dermatitis. Inflammation occurs in the place of contact with a gauze or disposable diaper, from rubbing, humidity and the absence of air baths. In addition to the rash, it is characterized by flaky or wet areas.
  • Allergic reaction occurs due touse of unsuitable diapers, detergents, wet wipes, creams and shampoos, it is also possible to react to food allergens in the diet or breast milk. At the same time, any location is possible. Intolerance of a food product is most often manifested in inflammation around the anus.
  • Candidiasis dermatitis has a fungal cause of development and appears most often under a diaper. Then a bright red rash can spread to the legs, stomach or back.
  • Sweating is a multiple small pimples of pink color.

small pimples

How to identify

Taking into account the fact that ordinary chalk is easyTo mix up with allergic displays or a chicken pox, it is not necessary to be engaged in a selftreatment, it is necessary to address at once to the doctor who will establish the reason of occurrence and will appoint or nominate corresponding or meeting treatment.

Allergic reaction is externally similar to a burn fromnettle. Most often it can be found on the pope and cheeks crumbs. It is also possible to appear on the legs, chin, abdomen and back. It manifests itself in the form of red or pink spots, while the delicate skin is scaly and itchy. In case of systematic occurrence, a wet crust may appear on one site.

The panty often occurs in infantsage, such a small pink rash is not capable of causing harm to health, but it causes discomfort. The skin at the site of the appearance of pryshkov is a little bumpy to the touch. Their appearance can provoke a prolonged wearing of wet clothing or a diaper, as well as clothing that does not match the weather in which the baby is too hot.

Acne on the child's pope may appear asin summer, and in winter. In hot months, sweets are much more common. In winter, its occurrence contributes to excessive wrapping of the baby, as well as the lack of proper hygienic care. Do not be afraid of such manifestations, they should be perceived as a signal that clothing should match the weather, and hygiene should be more thorough.

rashes on the buttocks

Diseases and eruptions

The situation is complicated if watery acne onthe child's pope is a symptom of the disease. Roseola (three-day fever) is quite common. It is most common in children under three years old. There are characteristic symptoms of the disease, the main of which is the causeless occurrence of high temperature, which decreases on the third day. At the same time, a pink-red rash appears on the skin. If you find these symptoms, you should immediately call a doctor.

Scarlet fever and measles also cause the appearance ofpimples. In the first case, a local small rash develops on the back and chest, after a rash appears on the buttocks. Such diseases are dangerous for the child and do not tolerate self-treatment. Measles is characterized by large bright eruptions, beginning first on the head, after which they spread throughout the body. At the same time, the temperature rises, which decreases when new inflammations cease to appear.

watery pimples on the child's pride


If the inflammation has arisen because of a bite of insects,it is necessary to apply anti-inflammatory and antipruritic means to the skin area, and also use mosquito net for stroller and canopy to prevent new bites. If pets are available, they need to be bathed with a special shampoo from the parasites.

Acne on the child's child from sweating does not require the use of any means, frequent enough bathing without soap and regular air and, if possible, sunbathing.

Rubella, scarlet fever, chickenpox belong to the category of contagious diseases, so you need to call a pediatrician, he will diagnose and prescribe the treatment of the disease itself and accompanying rashes.

than to treat pimples on the child's pop

Than to treat acne on the priest in a child

There are many recipes thatare used to relieve inflammation and get rid of rashes. Pharmaceutical ointments and cosmetic creams are much easier to use, but they often have a questionable composition that can cause even greater harm. You can independently make an inexpensive environmentally friendly product. In this case, it is necessary to find only the components, since the preparation does not take much time or special knowledge.

Acne on the child's child can be removed with the help ofmixture of herbs. It is applied to the affected areas twice a day. For cooking, mix 3 tbsp. spoons yarrow, 6 tbsp. spoons of leaves of dioecious nettle and 1 teaspoon of stinging nettle. Herbs are poured into 0.5 liters of boiling water and insisted for about 40 minutes. Then the infusion is filtered through gauze.

Saline is suitable for children from two years old. The best option is the use of sea salt. To do this, prepare a sufficiently strong solution based on mineral water. It is applied to the skin with a cotton pad twice a day.

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