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A fairly popular commodity in a competitiveThe market is Taco 2 in 1 stroller, which has won a large army of fans. This brand, popular on Polish expanses, has gained worldwide recognition. The company's products have become popular due to the availability and excellent off-road capability in off-road conditions.

Excursion to the history of the brand

Carriages "Taco" 2 in 1 for babies are madewith the same name in the Polish city of Czestochowa. This brand is an example of a family company that has not only been afloat for more than 20 years, but also successfully conquers the world market. Products "Taco" is recognized in 25 countries due to the widest range and cutting-edge technologies.

Beginning with small, family productiongradually grew. At first, the company produced swings and lightweight strollers, then acquired the status of the largest producer of children's products in the country. For example, in 2002 the first stroller with a cradle for newborn babies was released.

2008 was marked by the release of a 2-in-1 Taco stroller with swivel wheels. Today, the company employs over 450 people.

Taco Carriages 2 in 1

Focus on quality

The main feature of the stroller "Taco" 2 in 1is the safety of the baby. After all, any product of this brand is made with love and care for a small passenger. All parts of the stroller are not only attractive appearance, but also quality certificates approved by the European Union.

The company systematically performs questionnairesparents who use Taco products. The purpose of this survey is to understand and analyze in the future the priority needs of users to improve their products.

The motto of the company was the creation of high-qualityuniversal products, which meets all the requirements of safety and aesthetics. To create attractive products, the company "Taco" has recruited a staff of professional designers. They, in turn, take care of a wide color palette of products and quality materials that allow you to operate the stroller for a long period of time.

baby carriages for newborns Taco 2 in 1

Advantages of universal strollers

The most actual variant of children's transport are universal variants which consist of a stroller for newborns "Tako" 2 in 1 and a walking block.

The main advantages:

  • A durable upholstery material that eliminates damage and moisture ingress.
  • Easy installation of the cradle.
  • Excellent ventilation and sun protection.
  • Providing security with five-point belts and a bumper.
  • Warm cover for the legs of the baby.
  • Ability to adjust the backrest inclination.
  • Spacious sleeping place.

Taco stroller 2 in 1

It should be noted that the strollers of the company "Taco" 2 in1 have long earned the trust and respect of buyers due to the excellent indicators of quality, appearance, functionality and democratic price policy. Therefore, when choosing a worthy certified product, you must pay attention to the products of this brand, which will be an excellent alternative to expensive strollers.

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