What should be the size of a child's leg by age?

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The size of a child's leg is one of the indicators of his development. And although it certainly depends on many factors, there are some general patterns that it makes sense to ask.

size of a child's leg by age
Children's shoes

Shoes that are selected for the child shouldbe perfect. It is from her selection largely depends on the correct formation of the child's gait. It also has a huge impact on the uniform formation of the foot, which prevents the appearance of such an unpleasant disease as flat feet. The size of children's shoes should ensure easy movement of the baby. But, at the same time, such shoes, unfortunately, are not cheap. A child's leg will grow very quickly, so bought expensive shoes can come in handy just once or twice. To select the best option, you need to determine the size of the child's leg by age.

foot size table
How to determine size?

Sometimes when choosing shoes parents can makesome errors. So, it usually does not make sense to ask the baby if the proposed model is right for him. The fact is that children tend to pay more attention to the appearance of the product, and not to internal amenities. They are ready to tolerate "trifles", for example, the fact that a new pair of shoes (boots, sandals, etc.) presses if you like the color or pattern. Also, many people often try to determine if the chosen footwear is not tight, trying to stick a finger between the baby's heel and the back. Babies can pinch their fingers, and the size of the child's leg will be determined incorrectly. It will be superfluous and apply a sole to the leg, because its external dimensions often differ from the internal ones. For an unambiguous determination of the size of the pedicel, it is better to circle it with a pencil so that the heel and thumb are clearly visible. Now you can measure the exact data. And you can focus on the size of the child's legs by age, but in this case the probability of a miss is high.

the dimension of children's shoes

Table size baby's legs, of course,exist. But you need to realize that the dependence on age in it is very approximate. So, it is believed that at 3 months the baby should have a length of about 9.5 cm, 6 - 10.5, a year - 11.7, and two years grow up to 13.4 cm. There are several generally accepted standards of size shoes. Knowing the size of the child's leg by age, you can see what size it will fit in American or European standards. For example, the length of 9.5 cm corresponds to the American size of 0-2 and European 16-17. For 1-year-olds, the length of the leg is 12.5 cm and corresponds to the size of the US 5-5.5, and in Europe - 20. For three-year-olds, the size of the leg is 16 cm, which corresponds to the American 9-9.5 and European 26-m. The data in such a table may differ in non-essential details (depending on the manufacturer, etc.), but basically correctly represent the growth trend of the pedicel.

Despite the fact that experts propose forparents are very specific values ​​that determine the size of the child's legs by age, you need to remember that this is not a rule, but rather a kind of landmark. Do not worry if a particular kid does not fit into the scheme. After all, it is, of course, unique and unique! Therefore, it should be left to him to differ from others at least in the size of his legs.

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