How to name a child according to the church calendar correctly

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After the birth of a child, and sometimes all the timepregnancy, the parents have one problem: how to name the baby. This is natural, because the name plays an important role in the life of any person. It involves self-awareness, confidence (or vice versa uncertainty) in itself, even character.

Difficult choice

Many parents are interested in how to name a child according to the church calendar. And not only deeply religious people can be interested in this issue. The rules are simple in this case.

how to call a child according to the church calendar

Every day the Orthodox Church (as well asother Christian denominations) honors the memory of a saint. The easiest way to choose from the names that are celebrated on this day. How to name a child according to the church calendar, if this day is not honored memory of saints with common names? Of course, if the baby was born on the day of Xenia of St. Petersburg (February 6) or Nicholas the Wonderworker (December 19, May 22), the parents will have no problems. These names are common and common, but what if the name of Psoy or Agafangel is suggested for the boy in the calendar?

First of all, the names are chosen on the day not only of birth, but also of the name, that is, the eighth (according to the ancient Russian tradition) or the fortieth after birth - on the day of baptism.

how to call baby girl

So parents can choose not from one, butfrom three lists of names. Even if in this case there is no common name, it is possible to call the child unusually, but euphoniously. Now rare, old names have become fashionable, even artists and public figures call kids unexpectedly in an old fashion. But before you name the child according to the church calendar, an exotic name for the Russian rumor, you should try to pronounce it with a middle name and surname. A large part of a person's life is called a full name, so the combination must be acceptable in use.

It is important not only to combine with the patronymic, but alsopresence of a convenient short name. In everyday life, four or five-letter names are commonly used. If the selected name can be shortened to this length, it's good.

Before you name a child for Christmas, it's worthconsult with the closest relatives and the parents themselves. If the chosen name is unpleasant for the father or grandmother, it can even complicate the relationship with the baby. Of course, such a result is not needed.

Names for Girls

Male names in the saints are much more than women's.

how to name a child

This is due to the greater publicity of menmonasteries and in general the male Christian deed. Female names are not found every day. How to name a child a girl, if there are no female names on this day? According to the rules, in this case it is necessary to choose the saint closest to the birthday, whose memory is celebrated after this day. That is, if the baby was born on December 8, according to the rules, she can not become Ekaterina (memory of St. Catherine on December 7).

The calendar not decree

If there is a firm intention to name the baby in honor of the saint, and according to the calendar does not work, it is better to honor the significant Saint and name the child by his name than to follow the traditions thoughtlessly.

If you still have doubts about how to name a child according to the church calendar, you can ask about it in the church or read in detail in special church literature.

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